In the meantime

There is time for everything… but what do I do till then?

In the Meantime 01

How does the saying go? Patience is a virtue! Right… I know Patience. She’s an African girl. In this lifetime I see impatience. It’s all crisis situations. The climb on the corporate ladder… there is an easy way, but how many steps do I skip for sleeping with one, executive committee member, that is. The biological clock ticks… Hey, grab the next guy that walks past, get married and have babies. What do I do when I have an important message to send? E-mail it. No immediate response. Ah, it is so slow! I should probably call the intended recipient and ask if the e-mail was received. Or maybe it’s time to go through the other mails while awaiting the reply. Hurray, a chain letter! This one promises to grant my wish of years of great sex, or whatever other wish I may have, if I send it out to everyone in my global address book within the next five minutes or else… Yes, failure to do so results to punishment of life without sex. Ah, that’s okay. I will get another one and I will wish for the winning lottery numbers then I can just rent a man and pay for sex. Then again, I’m too stingy for that.

When I was younger (which was not so very long ago, and we can debate this till kingdom come, too) the pressure was to remain a virgin for as long as possible – abstinence until marriage. There was that honorable intention. The message now is to use prophylactics and to do one’s utmost to keep only one partner. HIV/AIDS can kill, you see. Heck! This would be the right time to ban pre-marital sex and extra-marital affairs; non-compliance to the law is punishable by death. It is either that or AIDS. A harsh way to make a point I know. I choose not to backspace and take my words back. They were my thoughts and I am merely voicing them out. In the meantime, I leave you with your own choice to make. What do you do with it?

In the Meantime 02

Choices at first glance are blessings to many and at second glance a curse to some. Having the different options gives me the impression of authority. It is within my control! Do I opt for celibacy while I wait for Mr. Right or do I take other offers now and enjoy, just in case there is no soul mate? Do we keep a pet for now while finances are tight or do we go ahead, have children anyway, and hope that we earn or win the money necessary to give the future world leaders the best education? What standards do we use to make the decision?

In the Meantime 03

My ‘in-the-meantime’ is my journey to a destination. We all know what many before us have said about the journey being more important than the destination. We simply refuse, or we neglect, to practice the virtue of patience. We zero in on the end of the road. My problem is that my end of the road is the termination of life. I may convince myself that the end of this road I am on now is a couple of million dollars in the bank, a mansion on a hill, four cars – a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and a Merc – in the garage and a pair of shoes for everyday of the year, lots of Loubis, Pradas, Jimmys and Manolos. The truth is that it is only a stop-over. From there, I could lose everything.

Clearly then, I had better just enjoy the view, the trip, the people I meet along the way and cherish the memories. I do not know where the path leads and when the road ends. Perhaps, this is it… that it is really only the space between the originating place and the destination that truly counts. It is a thought worth entertaining. The most crucial point could be in the meantime – the choices we make as we live this very moment!In the Meantime 05a

In the Meantime 05b

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