Gratitude, my reality

Is there only one reality? Or are there more than one? And, do all realities exist at the same time?


It is true that our world is filled with the good and I am grateful for so many things.

I am thankful for the Higher Being who has given me life, for everything in my life and for every brand new morning whether it brings rain, sunshine or clouds.

Gratitude 03

I am grateful for my healthy body, all my five senses, all parts of my body, and everything else that make up my physical being, for my healthy mind and intellect, and for my healthy spirit that makes all the difference in making my life worthwhile living. “Life is good! I feel good! I look good! I am good!” I have seen myself through the eyes of someone else that I have become and it is the most powerful image!

Happy in London

I am thankful for my children who prove to me that my life has a higher purpose than only self, my parents who only want the best for me and who always support me no matter what, my partner who loves me and my relatives and friends who accept me as me and love me anyway.

Gratitude 05

My Gratitude
My home, car, clothes, shoes and more… more shoes
Music, movies and books that I love
Food that nourishes but especially food I love to eat especially sweet treats
My dreams that continue to help in my growth and help me to keep going
Hope of a better future without which there is no reason for what I do on a daily basis
Faith in my heart that keeps me safe and alive
Challenges that make me stronger and get me ready for better things to come

It is amazing how the human mind works. There are infinite ideas and thoughts that we can hold in our minds yet most of us choose the negative to inhabit our consciousness. Instead of focusing on what works and what makes us feel better and maintain the blissful peace within us, we spend our time questioning what others claim work for them. Whether what works for others are as a result of a certain belief applicable to all or just to some, the fact is it works for them. Why not rather find that which we can believe in, one that brings positive changes in our lives?

What I really believe in is that anything is possible and whatever we believe to be reality is in fact our reality. The mind is truly powerful and almost impossible to understand.


My truth is that our thoughts create our reality. We are naturally emotional beings and we allow external factors to affect us and our days. That is, until we learn to tap into the power of the mind. While it may be true that the mind does have a “mind” of its own, with practice, we can control it. Initially, we may have to force the mind to only hold the positive and eventually we learn to focus on the pleasant instead of its opposite. In the end, we would have mastered holding on to the good and positive. Blocking off the negative comes naturally. We learn to switch on to what we want and switch off from what we don’t want.

What truly matters is what makes us happy.


If I am happy believing that I can make things happen and I actually make things happen, getting what I really want in the process, then that’s the only thing that matters. If one is truly happy with his lot, he must learn to be happy for others who have their own set of beliefs and let them be.

While I can and may question others’ beliefs, what good would it do? What about doing something I have never done before? What is the worst thing that can happen? If what works for others doesn’t work for me, I’ll be where I have always been. What if it works?

Gratitude 09

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