Have you ever

Have you ever felt love in your heart
so much love that it feels so real
you could almost touch it
and your heart threatens to burst open?
I have… I do!

Have you ever experienced faith
so much faith that the smile
on your face cannot be erased
and not a slightest doubt can be traced?
I have… and still!

Have you ever trusted someone
with so much trust that you need
no proof nor reason to know
that only he is the best for you?
I have… I do!

Have you ever loved so much that it matters not
if he loves you, too? Or less, or more
It is of no concern because you know
that while heart and mind may not align
reality is that this love is true.

Have you ever been blessed
as much as I have been? Oh, I wish so..
For nothing compares to the joy within
Such bliss, such peace, such happiness!
Have you ever?

© Anna Jailene Aguilar Van Der Merwe (formerly Botes)

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