Destiny.. on purpose

I had my blog open in front of me for most of the last two days. I had that nagging feeling to post something. However, I needed to get some work done first. Work always gets in the way of my writing. Haha! There was no way I could write during the day. I just thought that having the site open would inspire me to come up with the overdue piece.

At the end of day 2, having caught up with a couple of friends to start off the year, I sat in front of my laptop before bedtime determined to write. I stared at a blank page. I opened old journals. I went through my posts. I stared blankly ahead looking at nothing in particular.

My mind went on overdrive.

One gets to the point of apathy and when I say one I don’t mean it in the literal sense. I do not think that I am wrong when I say that it happens to almost all of us. Why? Because it is so much easier! It is hard not only because the task is almost impossible but because it hurts to think. It hurts to see, know and feel what is going on around us. It hurts more because we realize how seemingly hopeless the situation is and more importantly how seemingly hopeless we are. We are hopeless because individually there is nothing one can do that would really change the world. One can only try and by example, we may influence one other individual, change his or her world one at a time, but it doesn’t really change the harsh reality of how evil seems to prevail more than good. Is it good enough to make a difference in one individual’s life if that difference is significant enough to that person’s life? I used to think so… or do I still?

Destiny.. on purpose

I was uncertain. I set it aside. I quietened my brain.

Calm and peace!

Then my post last night

There are written works that leave us in awe, or inspired, or even jealous. We admire the artists, the writers behind the pieces. I love finding inspirations and motivations.

But, there are a few individuals with whom we connect on a deeper level. We admire the works and more importantly, we feel as though we were meant to encounter them, as persons, through their art and gift. While the words lead us to interaction, the writers make us feel that we are meant to converse with each other not merely to convey compliments and admiration, not only to exchange ideas, but to share our deeper thoughts and experiences. We realize that it is good enough to make a difference in one individual’s life.

It dawned on me that although I did not completely give up on my dream (desire, actually), I had moved it to the back of the line. It was always my intention to live a life of significance, to make a difference in the lives of the people I encounter. I believe that I am meant to meet everyone I have met to fulfill a purpose. I am meant to touch their lives and when I’m gone, I would like to believe that I will be remembered for my positive impact in their lives through my words and/or actions. This would mean that I lived my life to the fullest.

I had not been on purpose, I think, but I feel that I am now where I am meant to be, where I should have always been. I feel a renewed surge of resolve to pursue my desire. I am back on track, eager and ready to motivate and inspire anyone willing to keep growing… with me, so we may have no regrets and leave a positive legacy behind.

Destiny.. on purpose

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