Rainbow Nation in the Sun

Clear blue sky, blazing sun, blistering heat, red-hot sands
In between umbrellas, spaces enough to walk for one
Sunglasses, spritzers and flip flops; sunblock and suntan
Towels big and large, some small but not too much

Black, white, yellow, brown, purple and all
(Okay, purple might be an added fiction)
Clad in red, green, pink and blue (maybe purple, too)
Bikini tops and bottoms, shorts, even t-shirts with long tights, maybe pants

Strolling, walking, not rushing, lovingly holding hands
Running, or only almost, chasing screaming little ones
Chilling, looking on, calmly with a smile
Lying down, on stomach, eyes closed, will tan

Boys and girls, kids, teens and adults
All shapes and sizes, tall, mid or short
Waiting, splashing, laughing out loud
The waves are coming, they should now

Sound of thunder from the wall, howling
Excitedly, all eyes on the water, anticipating
Water ripples, rippling water, signaling
Shortly soon, bodies jumping and swimming

Tenor, alto, soprano squeals and cheerful shrieking
Bumping into each other, together giggling
More waves, all cheer, laughter echoing
I look on, pondering, wondering

I know, I’ve been told that I know none
I didn’t see, I didn’t feel, I am not one
I shouldn’t say what I think or give an opinion
I know nothing about the suffering and harm

The past can neither be overlooked nor forgiven
Truth and reconciliation seemingly forgotten
It was a farce, it was all for show, not really so
I don’t know, I only see everything at face value

I couldn’t conceivably understand
No comprehension possible even if I try
Anguish, torture and death; robbed of freedom and dignity
Heart won’t let go, hanging on to agonizing memory

Pride and ego, hopefully just maybe, will not sacrifice
Searching, hoping, praying for compromise


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