Celebrating Easter

Celebrate Easter 01

I know it’s fun for the kids and a bunny is cute, unlike Jesus’ resurrection especially considering how He died.

Easter chocolates are yummy. I have them, too. Actually, Easter is only tomorrow and I have been eating the chocolates even before Jesus was crucified on the cross that he carried, before he carried that cross, before the crown made of thorns were placed on his head, before he was mocked…

So yes, let the kids enjoy their Easter bunny and chocolate eggs BUT must that be the only Easter they know?

Celebrate Easter 03 (1)

I often say that we must be open to others’ perspectives. We must learn to truly listen to other beliefs and understand them. We can even try dialogues. Being tolerant of all views does not mean changing one’s own point of view and accepting another. At the end of the day, we will keep our faith, won’t we? The pagans will remain pagans, Christians will remain Christians as much as all other religions will stay. With so many myths, legends, stories and theories it is not easy to choose one being the only accurate and true. We all only existed in our own times and we simply took on what our ancestors practiced.

I almost succumbed to the temptation of thinking that only my belief is true but I stopped to think a bit and read on origins of Easter.

Here is one I found. I find it very interesting and it is worth reading the comments, too. This could be sufficient information for non-Christians but as can be seen from some of the comments even without the Christian perspective on Easter all other views can still cause debates and arguments.

Then of course, we have the Christians’ point of view. Before today, I was convinced that the word “Easter” is originally Christian. I grew up with a strong Catholic upbringing and I held on to what I knew without finding out what others celebrate on Easter.

I have a bit more of information on Easter but it doesn’t change that it remains my most holy day. it doesn’t take away from me that Jesus Christ was born on Christmas day, He died on Good Friday and He resurrected on Easter Sunday, Resurrection Sunday to be more appropriate.

Celebrate Easter 04

And that is my point; tolerance of all beliefs and traditions but keeping our own!

Let the children have fun with the the rabbits and eggs. Let us tell them the origins of Easter but let us also teach them that Jesus died for our sins that one Friday and He rose from the dead on the Sunday, three days later, for our salvation.

For Christian children, Jesus’ resurrection should take center stage on Easter and the bunny and eggs be secondary.

Non-Christians can celebrate Easter in any way they see fit, without being asked for validation of the myths and legends that their traditions follow, but as we, Christians, let you enjoy your Easter your way, allow us to rejoice in the resurrection of our Savior without mocking us or questioning the existence of God or challenging us to provide proof of Jesus being the Son of God.

Celebrate Easter 05

…in the interest of peace and mutual respect for each other.

…for the good of humanity, as one, as a whole.

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