Life’s Distractions

I always have good intentions. Always!

I’ll opt for a healthier diet…
…when my hunger doesn’t find me on the corner of Busy and Lazy
…when my love for food doesn’t get in the way
…when I don’t forget to be healthy

Exercise will be a part of my daily life…
…starting tomorrow, when I remember that I want to be fit
…starting tomorrow, I’m too hungry right now so I have to eat
(and I can’t exercise after eating and 2 hours after my meal will be too late)
…starting tomorrow, I have so much stuff to do now
(takes laptop out of backpack)
…starting tomorrow, I’ve had such a hectic day at work and I need to bond with the couch and TV

I know, it’s a huge challenge to live a healthy lifestyle. It is hard work.

I’m going to write everyday…
…but not when I’m travelling
…but not after a hectic and/or stressful day at work
…but not when I need to simply relax in front of the TV
…but not right now because my head is filled with Philippine elections stuff and I just can’t write

It’s ridiculous. I’m ridiculous! I need to get out of the funk I’m in. I need to be able to handle every curve ball thrown at me.

The start of this year saw me fully motivated to make 2016 the year I grow up properly. It is not that I have forgotten the goal; I was distracted.

I was distracted by my new full time employment contract but more by my son’s move to the Philippines, including all the preparation for the move and our emergency trip there to make sure he’s settling in and to attend to what needed to be sorted out.

My current distraction seems to be taking over most of my time although it has not taken my desire to get back to writing. I know that the longer I stay away from writing, the higher the probability of me eventually not writing at all. I am fighting that.

I will write whatever is currently occupying my head. There must be a reason why I am where I am at the moment. Fortunately, I have trained myself to happily let fate take the lead until the reason for what happens becomes clear to me. I have learned from prior experiences that everything happens for the best. In fact, sometimes, an unexpected predicament leads me to where I’m supposed to be.

At all times, I know that happiness is achieved when we make the best of what we have. That is the one good intention that I do my best to always keep. I do pretty okay.

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