Dear family

I can be a real drama queen if I want to, and I know that most of us are quite emotional so here goes…

This is addressed to my huge “happy family” (voting or not voting) – all sides related to me by blood in one way or another and by marriage (of blood family) are my “happy family”. Why? Because you are family and you HAVE TO tolerate me. Ha-ha! This is especially for my family members who don’t share the same political view with me. You can mute me though from your side.

(Those who are already with me… scroll all the way down where I say I love you more… we are allowed favourites, right?)

As I was saying, I’m a little dramatic. Is it an understatement? Therefore, you can more or less expect that I will agree with the article that I shared. You don’t have to agree but maybe read at least.


My fear is real – to me at least. As you may have realized, even for only a brief moment, I have not been “too Filipino” for a long time. I will write more about this on a blog. It will be too long here (and this is already long, ha-ha! To cut it short, I’m like the prodigal son from the Bible (except daughter) and started “looking” or “seeing” the Philippines again. Here in Africa, I read/gathered that the Philippine economy is one of the top 5 growing economies in the world. I started to notice. I also saw something on corruption, listing the countries of the world, and Philippines has dramatically improved. Oh wow! Perhaps, I can spend more time with family back home again…

I know it’s rather selfish but if we are to be honest with ourselves (we don’t even have to tell others), we think first of our own good and the good of our loved ones. That’s understandable. That’s why I’m not running for public office. A true public servant considers the nation first before self. (Note Grace Poe supporters). In our own worlds, as private individuals, personally, when we are good and happy, when our cup overflows, we are able to share and extend ourselves to others. The virtue of selfishness… but, that probably doesn’t go down well with others. So, if you will vote to make sure I, a selfish byotch, don’t get what I want, I hope you’re voting to get what you truly want, at least.

Anyway, I started hearing from some Filipinos not originally in my circle that the Philippines is a dangerous place. I couldn’t picture that. I found it difficult to believe. I have so many friends and family members in the Philippines and they are safe and happy. Not one of them ever said they feared being raped. They can walk out on the streets. We fear rape and violent crimes here in South Africa. We don’t venture out on the streets here unless for a huge event and there is an obvious police presence. Maybe we’re lazy or spoiled but there is definitely truth to the streets being not safe here.

I had to acknowledge that “dangerous Philippines” is perhaps a reality but simply not our reality… unless I’ve grown too far from my own people that I don’t know that they live in a dangerous world.

(I don’t think I should be apologetic about the situation in my circle being slightly different from that in other circles. My grandparents, both deceased, locals of Bicol, worked their arses off and their children and grandchildren now benefit from their hard work. We are truly very grateful. My parents worked their arses off for a better life for all in the family. My children and I am truly very grateful. I’m now working my arse off for my children. No, I don’t rely on some messiah to get me out of my own situation, if terrible. That’s my job! My only Messiah is Jesus Christ!)


So yes, my fear is real because I don’t want to go back to my old self who when asked where I’m from, I’d say South Africa. Until this outgoing administration, I would of course say I’m Filipino but more often than not, I’d say Filipino-South African. If asked where I was original from, I’d say the Philippines… then of course, I would have to explain where it is. If my memory serves me well, having a movie actor for President was not something I thought I could be proud of. I don’t know. Tell me I was wrong. Maybe I just don’t know what he has done for the country.

Under PNoy’s presidency, with his shortcomings and weakness/es, shedding the image of the “Sick man of Asia” and replacing it with “Asia’s Rising Tiger”, I started to see a different Philippines. Perhaps, we have fully recovered from the damages caused by a thieving dictator. Understand that I’m a financial person.

Perhaps, we could include the Philippines as an option for the future!

Then, perhaps not…
…not if the 30% or so D’Turds are ALL voters
…not if Grace Poe’s supporters do not recognize that their candidate is not strong enough and does not have sufficient experience to lead a country.

Luckily, based on what we’ve seen (e.g. Karen Cabase story), there is a huge probability that the noisy D’Turds are not all voters. It reminds of the empty vessels that makes the most noise.

Grace’s lack of what it takes to be President isn’t a secret and her “self before nation” value is starting to surface. Her soft votes can easily shift and we have in fact started to see this.

Also, we know that there are the quiet ones and the ones who decide on the 11th hour only.

There is a good chance the good will triumph over evil.

There is a good chance that the one with national experience will beat the one with city experience.

There is a good chance that the people who are not blind will see that there is difference between being a City Manager and the Chief Executive Officer, between a division/department/branch and the whole company, and most importantly between city and a whole country.

There is a chance that we will see that the so called achievements in 22 years in the same position, in the same place, isn’t something to be so proud of. In fact, in recruitment, it’s rare to find a higher position for someone who does the same thing in the same place for more 10 years or so. It’s called stagnation. That’s someone who didn’t grow. Loyal, yes and growing, no which means whatever was done was all that could and will be done. What the mayor achieved in 22 years is like growing up from birth to young adulthood. It’s not an achievement really. It’s a natural thing.

There is a chance that people will wake up and understand that the killing of ‘criminals’ D’Turd talks about is “shoot without asking” which doesn’t only mean shooting a suspect but also an innocent person who was mistaken to be a criminal. Worst case scenario is you have an enemy who wants you erased and tells the authority you are a criminal even if you are not.

I know it’s a what if. I know I’m using fear. So does D’Turd, that’s why otherwise reasonable humans are agreeing to extra-judicial killings because of fear of crimes. Yes, people are sick and tired of crimes but can they really tell me that they are not scared of being a victim?

There is a chance that you will feel my fear and you will see it from my point of view.

If not, one of my closest and dearest first cousins and I had an idea…

The Roxas-Robredo tandem is being accused of buying votes, although we have knowledge that it’s Grace Poe who “gifts” voters and a measly P500 for a vote. Also, someone didn’t think before posting a video of D’Turds in yellow, infiltrating a Mar Roxas rally (same one where they edited a pic of Mar and put an envelope in his back pocket… what? Mar got an envelope to vote for himself… obviously one couldn’t possibly put lots on envelopes in a back pocket especially if photo-shopped), so I said I’ll communicate to the family and we can have a bit of fun at the expense of the lying, accusing, cussing ID 10 Ts (my son and some relatives in Bicol know “ID 10 T”).

Join us (us being happy family members who are already RoRo supporters) in making sure D’Turd does not turn the Philippines into whatever he promises to turn it into (with lots of blood… maybe NPAs and/or communists as allies).

What’s the fun I’m talking about? Let’s have a raffle draw for those who will #switchtomar and those who are original #MarLeni supporters. Sorry, not for D’Turds and the other 3’s supporters, not even for those who support MDS whom I admire tremendously. Who wins gets a free holiday in Africa! Ha-ha!

If you don’t join in the fun, you’re still family and you will still be loved, maybe a little less (Oh-oh, emotional blackmail, ha-ha! Gullibility!) But we will pray, and pray very hard, for you and all of us, if you get what you wish for.

Watch the D’Turds…

I may not show it being an occasional byotch but I do love you, family!

Lots more love to those who are already with me in our RoRo and you know who you are because we have been talking.

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