Time, Passion, Priorities

Passing time
Spending time
Killing time
Time speeding by…

Two weeks have passed since my last post and it feels like I have been deprived of the great stuff life is made of especially when it happened immediately after connecting with some really wonderful people here. I have missed the interaction with all of you, particularly GularaAishwaryaAmitavE&BTylerBiancaART & Dragallur.

And I am missing someone special (currently inactive, temporarily I hope)… looking forward to your return, Queen Bee.

Being busy with work is enough to keep me away from writing, out of necessity, which isn’t a good thing. What is worse is being busy AND unwell, which means that no colds or cough or headache or pains can take me away from work mainly because the employer had commented that even he was sick but was working.

Do I think I’m Superwoman? No.

Do I need to learn to say no? Maybe.

Are my priorities slightly askew perhaps? Yes.

I work a lot because I love what I do and I like working, even when the company (the entity and people) isn’t my choice. Of course, I am aware that while there is a need to put food on the table, sacrificing health consequently defeats the very purpose for which health is sacrificed so my love of working does not make me ignore my wellbeing. However, I also recognize the reality of timing and must accept the need for tolerance and patience provided that when it is the right time to say no, I am able to do so as I am no superhuman.

It has been said many times that when we find a job that we love, we will never work a day ever. I completely agree with that. It comes down to what we like and love. It is all about passion.

It isn’t passion but I like doing dishes because I find it relaxing, almost a form of meditation for me. On the other hand, I will only iron clothes if I absolutely have to, meaning I have nothing to wear at all, because I dislike it.


I would even do a Business Plan for a good friend instead of tackling financials and various tax returns for a paying client not because I enjoy the Business Plan more than Finance and Taxation but because my friend is a special person to me. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I have my priorities straight, I know.

I say that I love golf but perhaps I only enjoy it when I’m already playing. I suck at it so much that I should be playing more regularly and frequently, like I did about 7 years or so ago, but I only play now when on a golfing weekend away or trying out a new course. Maybe I am not passionate enough about golf.

But, I am certain that I writing is a passion of mine. I have a love affair with literary works in general – prose and poetry, fiction and non-fiction. If I could read and/or write all day, I would, but who will pay the bills, right? I almost fooled me until I saw my sluggish-self playing Farm Heroes Saga this past weekend, almost the whole weekend! My excuse was sickness and need to vegetate.

I have to admit that my priorities are not only a tad cock-eyed; they are appalling. I seem to be failing my goal to truly grow up this year. To be a grown up means to be disciplined and responsible. Playing mobile games is juvenile and indulgent. I could have already written the posts on The Palace of the Lost City that are almost a month overdue. In fact, I could have finished some reconciliations and filed all the outstanding tax returns.

I do get overwhelmed. It sometimes feels that my brain is fried. My energy reserves are so depleted that the only life left is for an activity that allows the replenishment of the much needed power boost in order to take another nerve-wracking week, working hard not only on the job but on avoiding a nervous breakdown, or an immune system shutdown seeing that the persistent cough seems to be winning the battle over a week on.

Then, Daily Inspiration posted these words of Francis of Assisi, “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” Thank you, Daily Inspiration!

I am sold. I can and will keep writing, despite work, persistent cough and colds permitting. Even the skewed priorities look pretty okay from another perspective, or at least I’m working on straightening them out… I can and I will!

I must say that the last 2 weeks or so were not only sleepless nights from work and colds and cough. We did take a trip to the coast one weekend for this year’s races, Durban July. Here are a few pics.

10 thoughts on “Time, Passion, Priorities

  1. Anne, we all struggle at times with the “balance” of life. And it’s no secret that writing is a passion of yours as you are very talented. Don’t beat yourself up, the writing will come. In the meantime, get to feeling better! And about golf, it’s literally the only thing I love/hate at once 🙂

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    1. Thank you, thank you so much. Despite having learned self-confidence, I still do suffer from occasional insecurity and you have just made my day. And yes, I will eventually find that elusive balance… when I become comfortable with that love/hate relationship I have with golf. 🙂 I keep on..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha! As long as we still enjoy being out there. We can’t all be good at golf and we can’t be good at everything, can we? Perhaps, you are too humble. 🙂 We’re good… somehow. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for the shoutout, and this post reminds me of several times when I dun burnt out at work.

    That being said, I do feel like once and a while one has to take the pressure off. I play coloured lines whenever I feel I’m getting a little too serious and involved. It kind of takes the edge off.

    Do stay well, and yes, I golf too, but since I’m not too good at it, it is mostly to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine.

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    1. Huge pleasure, ART 🙂 I’m grateful to have found you.. thanks to Queen Bee (whom I must search for..). And thank you for the reassurance that it’s okay to sometimes not worry about playing games instead of being productive. Perhaps, the sunshine and nature will do me good so golf might be in order this weekend. And a lot of catching up on the works of my favorite writers/bloggers. Thank you.

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      1. Thank you! 🙂 I do like having your sunniness around. Queen Bee has buzzed to new heights, er destinations and can be found at
        I’m sure she would like to hear from you.
        As for golf, I’m waiting for our week of summer rain to relax its rain muscle just a bit. 😉 Hope you have fun on the links!

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