Saturday morning

I woke up early today, about 9am – early for a Saturday. I slept for more than 12 hours, which wasn’t planned. I have been on pain killers for 2 days for that once-in-6-months menstrual cramps. I guess I was exhausted. Maybe even burning out. My cough lasted 3 weeks and through all the aches and pains and weak health, I had to keep working, save for 1 day when I just couldn’t get myself out of the house. My work place had contributed to weakening my immune system, with the month ending truly awfully.

I don’t think that my current work situation is sustainable for me. But, that warrants a separate post.

I got up thinking I’d get myself a mug of coffee. I first had to make a stop in the bathroom, which I ended up cleaning. I had to check the other bathroom, which happened to be in need of cleaning even more than our bathroom.

I finally got to the kitchen and switched on the kettle but remembered the clothes waiting to be washed. The trash cans must be emptied and the toilet brushes dried outside in the sun. Having attended to the chores that called out to me as I got out of bed, I needed to reboil the water for my coffee. Finally I could have that cuppa, but only after I washed the teaspoons because they were all dirty and there was not a single one for me to use.

I haven’t had domestic help since the beginning of July. My husband had mopped the floor (the kitchen and the sitting room) and my son had done the dishes twice this month. The rest of the house is rather dusty. I have been doing the laundry which is not a problem because there’s a machine to do the job and all I need to do is hang the clothes to dry…

This reminds me that there was a load washed that needed to be hung before I passed out from period pains. My toddler pretended to attend to it but she’s too small to do a proper job.

I realized, through this “journey” to my first mug of coffee for the day, that there is a possibility that we, women, are being fooled into thinking that we are not as good a breadwinner as men. I think that we are as brilliant as our male counterpart and may even be better on certain occasions and instances but we can’t possibly have the energy to still be the homemaker after being a career woman. Men as breadwinners only attend to providing for the family and he rests when he gets home. A man is a terrible homemaker so if he stays at home because the wife is the sole provider, the wife must still be a homemaker, too. This can eventually affect our performance at work because really, we only have that one body and mind. No offense to men, and this is my generalization, my personal story. I do know that there are a few exceptions to the rule.

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