People – in general, but especially work “bosses” – will not really care about you and your family. In fact, some might make you feel bad about your family and spending quality time with them. They will even want to take you away from them unnecessarily.

Don’t let the insignificant take away your bliss and purpose. If you’re blessed to have a good and loving family that enjoys time together, have your joy.

It applies to friends, too.

Do not be apologetic about what you have that others may not have. They have their own mission in life to figure out.

It is about priorities and what legacy you’d like to leave behind. Extreme sacrifices in one’s personal life for the sake of a job where an employer doesn’t recognize your value isn’t what your life is for.

Happy Sunday!

P.S. Please excuse me. I’m having a bit of a rant-day, since yesterday afternoon actually, about someone’s inconsiderate attitude. The family pics take me back to happier moments. ❤️

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