Gratefully yours

I wanted to say something interesting and/or clever but it doesn’t seem as though that would happen so, let me just say what I want to say –

THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH for being a part of my writing/blogging life! I truly appreciate the support from you, my WordPress community.

Yesterday, I reached my 100-followers mark. In fact, I have a little more than 100 followers right now. I am ecstatic! I am over the moon! And that is on a day it dawned on me that I could possibly be facing a relapse of depression, for reason unknown to me. Or perhaps I have an inkling but I am deliberately ignoring the signs – again, for reason unknown to me… and I can go on.

Considering that others have thousands of followers, my 100 may sound insignificant. It isn’t. Having at least 100 followers is a huge deal for me. I do understand that it is not only about the numbers. However, we also know (from Sales) that you need the numbers to make sales targets. We need the many followers so we may have readers. We write because we want to express our thoughts and ideas, and to share our stories, either in prose or poetry. We blog to share our works with the rest of the world, or the whole online community, or at least the WordPress community. What makes our blogging life more special is our interaction with fellow writers and bloggers. I have that fortune and more. You give me much moral support. You are my support system – a lovely, loving and lovable support system. Thank you once again, to you all!

Gratefully yours (Anne)

15 thoughts on “Gratefully yours

      1. Haha I didn’t think Ron reads anything of mine other than Whatsapp messages, but thank you and we both have our unique styles and I adore everything you have to say 💖 when you publish your book, I’ll find a way to get an autograph from you personally 😊

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      2. I will make sure you get an autographed one – even if I fly to where you are 😄 Since I love to travel 😊 I force Ron to read. I’ll be looking out to your published works ❤️

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  1. Congratulations 100 is very good .Give it time and you will see it grows.A relapse must not have a reason……People visit blogs as they have time.Today 1 post and can be tomorrow 3 post.You do it very well.

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