Thoughts in a Muddle

There must be at least one reason why I do not and should not write down my thoughts without intensive contemplation. However, I am going to do it today as I go along my day, not only to offer the explanation but serve as my fertile ground for investigation in my quest to figure out the muddle in my head…

It doesn’t always necessarily work out as per the plan

I wrote the first paragraph above this morning. I wasn’t planning to finish a whole post in one sitting but I intended to have a post by end of day and I needed to make sure I did not forget my introduction. That was more than 12 hours ago. It is now almost 1am of the following day. The whole day had me fried and my eyes strained by my laptop’s bright light as I focused on some serious preparation for our final (hopefully) meeting with the Public Protector today. Even the plan to leave work early to join the family for the local movie premier of “The Secret Life of Pets” did not happen. Instead, I left work at 7pm and 2 hours later, I was back on the prep work, at least in the comfort of my home. I am now taking a break from the numbers. I could be taking a huge risk here not completing the Interim Financial Statements before tackling this blog but doing the dishes didn’t clear my head completely so I’ll write before going back to my debits and credits…

My Jolie-Pitt

Hubby said on Wednesday evening that Brad and Angie are getting divorced. I dismissed it. I told myself that it couldn’t be true. It just is not possible!

Then I woke up yesterday morning and the first thing I read was Selina’s blog post that started with the Jolie-Pitt split. ¡Ay, qué horror! I knew the all-knowing Mr. Google would give me the information I was looking for. Indeed!

I was devastated. I grew somber actually. It still didn’t hit me properly though. I didn’t know what to say even to myself. Brangelina is my favorite couple. I don’t really get star-struck so I am not the fan who would stalk Brad and Angie if they were in South Africa. I didn’t stalk them when they were here.

I only stalk one person, Henrik Stenson, and that’s okay because I am convinced he’s my boyfriend. He just doesn’t know it. Or maybe he does! I may have followed him around enough, or too much, when he played golf here in Johannesburg or Cape Town or Sun City. I am digressing. I must get back to my best couple, Brad and Angie. I will write about my Henrik another day. 🙂

I love Brad Pitt. He is absolutely gorgeous. I love Angelina Jolie more. She is beautiful and with an even more beautiful heart, as far as I know. I don’t often talk about them but when I do, it’s like I know them personally. We are allowed to laugh at that. I am almost certain that true love still exists between these 2 people. I am sure that Brad still loves Angelina a hell of a lot. I seriously think that my Angie is just not too healthy mentally. I hope I don’t anger her for saying this. And I think that Brad really wants to be there for her but he simply can’t seem to find the perfect way to help her.

I’m only writing my passing thoughts at the moment. I might have to dedicate a post to them. I had a brief chat with my 2 work colleagues about the Jolie-Pitt already…

The President of the Philippines

I normally listen to my choice music in the car but as I got in the car yesterday, 94.2 Jacaranda’s Rian van Heerden was talking about my home country’s President.

I avoid the news to save myself from negativity/negative emotions. I gathered from The Secret that while I need to be informed, I do not have to be inundated.

Killing of people, even suspected criminals (drug dealers or drug users), without due process cannot possibly be acceptable, right?

Encouraging or supporting the extra-judicial killing of suspected criminals (drug dealers or drug users) isn’t right, surely.

But the masses seem to be okay with the 3,000 (so far, I think) dead. Consider that there is a probability that some of the dead are innocent. The President is cleaning up the country! This makes him more popular now, I suppose. The part that my fellow South Africans found even more ridiculous is Duterte’s response to the United Nations. At least, the South Africans who know about the Philippine President can appreciate their own President.

I didn’t like Duterte at all during the campaign / election period and the feeling of dislike was strong. I wrote about it then. He was rude, crude and uncivilized. He was the ultimate boor, really. He was a philistine ( a favorite word of my husband).

I’m quite forgiving though. When he won the election I thought maybe he deserved a chance. He seemed to truly care about the country. I’m using past tense because I just don’t know right now. I decided to “let the Philippines go” and I was left with a lighter load on my shoulders…

Parable of the Mexican Fisherman, Conformity and Insanity

Would it be safe to say that we have all heard The Parable of the Mexican Fisherman? If not, search online and you are sure to find different versions. Here is one. The subject came up and a work colleague admitted that at times, especially while stuck in traffic, she feels as though we, who conform, are the mad ones, spending 8 hours at work, to afford something. Some of us work harder for more money yet when we finally get the higher salary, we still don’t have enough, it seems. We achieve our goals and dreams and we immediately adjust the targets. I know it’s not all of us. Those of us who know better do not conform with society. Normal people may call the non-conformists mad or crazy. I do think that perhaps we have this mixed up.

Sometimes, I feel that I can just give in. How much easier would it be to stop fighting and just go nuts? I’ve felt that. Strangely enough, I didn’t only contemplate on surrendering to the madness when furiously livid or dismally desolate. A couple of times many moons ago, I heard the call as I lay in bed in the still of the night. Maybe I was testing my head…

Live! Go crazy!

Ciao for now 🙂

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