No religious talks, thank you!

Although I wrote about Religion and Humanity when I first started this blog (which got 1 like *laughs*), I have found that Religion, like Politics, is not one of those discussions to have unless we are open to the possibility of a good but heated debate. To absolutely avoid is a discussion on both Religion and Politics (or Government/s) together.

Yet –

Apart from being that person who finds her other foot in her mouth after taking the one out, I seem to have that luck in running into those that I intend to avoid. I find myself too ridiculous sometimes, but in a fun way. I do enjoy laughing at myself when I unknowingly place myself in situations I try to steer clear of. I’ve described myself on Twitter as crazy-beautiful and there is a reason. I don’t mean I am a crazy but physically beautiful person; I mean that my craziness is beautiful.

One of my favorite bloggers, Lynn, posted a brief but straight-to-the-point random thought on the Pledge of Allegiance, and I, without much thought to it, commented:

“Ah, so true, Lynn. I don’t think it’s only in the US. Countries seem to have this in common with each other. People are “encouraged” to sweat the small stuff so that we can forget/overlook/ignore the big stuff that those in power are hiding from us.”

Someone has a darned good sense of humor. I was only expecting -maybe- an acknowledgement of my comment, nothing further. I was in for a little surprise, although not from the author. In hindsight, I should have been in my moment and that moment alone and continued my semi-enjoyment of our first visit to Fourways Farmers Market (I will do a post on it on Please check out Lynn’s blog for what was prior to this final response that I am choosing to post here instead of continuing to hijack her post.

I also think I should be the older and mature person that I am and not pursue the discussion. However, being myself, I want to have the last words. 🙂  Here they are –

I already spoke about respect so I leave it at that. The question is: What do you want and what do you hope to accomplish from this discussion? Actually, please don’t answer that.

I am not trying to convince you to change your beliefs and opinions, you will not change mine and others can keep their own values, beliefs and opinions together with their religions or even lack of it. Religion doesn’t necessarily or automatically define a person, if at all it does. I give more credit to human beings, being quite sophisticated creatures.

I won’t die a martyr and I might even die without going to church but I’ll die believing in the same God I’ve had since I was born. I have friends from other religions – Hindus, Jewish, Muslims, Buddhists. I even have first cousins who converted to Islam because they worked in Saudi Arabia. In fact, I might have friends who are agnostics and atheists. My Christianity is independent of my loved ones’ religions and vice versa. We get along as humans and there is universal love between us on a personal level. That’s what matters. As for those strangers to me, the more I have nothing to do with their religions because those are not mine to mind.

Like I said, those who want the Pledge of Allegiance changed must then do something. Last I looked, there was still democracy as the USA isn’t the Republic of Wadiya and Aladeen isn’t the Dictator of the nation.

At 44 years of age, I’m too old for a tennis match of dialogues where my opinion is not accepted as mine to keep and be respected or at least tolerated, and that’s even after my acceptance (or was it tolerance?) of another’s opinion and point of view. I just didn’t have a change of heart!

If I’m not totally way off, the post must have been because Lynn was pondering and we shared with her and other readers/bloggers our own thoughts on the topic.

We’ve exchanged ideas and we’re different. Nothing wrong with that. I won’t change you and you won’t change me. You keep yours and I’ll keep mine. That’s tolerance, acceptance, respect.

Please allow me to leave this here as I bid you good night. And I do thank you for your time.

Lynn, thank you for the venue. I apologize for hijacking your post.

P.S. (To Arkenaten): Perhaps this will make it clear how the Pledge of Allegiance, per se, is of little significance to me and my thoughts were really on sweating the small stuff and ignoring what we shouldn’t – I’m not American and I don’t live in the USA. My 23 year old daughter lives and studies there and her father is American and that’s about it. And oh, I’ve always known Filipinos to love America and the Americans, but I could be wrong as I haven’t lived in the Philippines for more than half my life. I’m a Filipino-South African in Johannesburg, it’s midnight and I have a small office to manage for the next 5 days.

I didn’t post a comment. Instead, I decided on a new post here on “I think, I say, I do” because that is exactly what it is – I think, I say, I do. And instead of going to bed just after midnight so I can get my 6 hours of sleep, I am left with 4 hours — all because I couldn’t sleep wondering if the person thought I could be converted from believing in God to not believing. I still don’t know but I can sleep now because having pondered on my response for a long time, I know for sure that I am not giving up my God, whether or not America surrenders “under God” for the sake of non-Christians.

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