Tree in Dullstroom, Mpumalanga, South Africa

I want to be a tree

So I don’t have to worry

About my safety and that of my family

And the overall security in the City of Gold, actually

We will all be trees without possessions criminals may want

Or bodies that evil want to disrespect, defile or hurt

No fear to walk out there on the street

Loving nature where we belong

Until — we’re cut down

© Anna Jailene Aguilar Van Der Merwe

Tree in Clarens, Free State, South Africa

Note: I find myself in a strange mood today, down with flu, worried about work but more concerned about how my ‘not-so-easy’ boss really feels about me being sick which kept me away from the office today. And of course, I have the usual agitation that takes over me at this time of the month. It never fails to leave me perplexed.

Tree (Text)

12 thoughts on “Tree

  1. Sits near you….
    Brings a cup of lemon tea….
    Brings some lime with salt and black pepper spread of them……
    Wets a cloth and puts of our forehead…..
    Takes some lavender oil on pouring on my palms and start massaging your feet……..

    Sshhhhhh close your eyes and take rest…. You will get well very soon.. Oh Source shower your blessings and make my Sweet beautiful cute friend Anna get well soon.

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      1. Well Mam….. Hmm more then Mam, CEO my Sweet beautiful little friend I know You are strong and more strong because You are You…. But this Soul does care, innocent kind but somehow if others have a suffering or pain the heart this Soul carries gets worried….. Thank you for confirming you are strong and so nice to know illness cannot get you down…. Because if deep we see it is a thought only….. I am well or I am sick.

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  2. This is really quirky. I’ve never thought about trees like that before, interesting slant lovely, like it! ❤ Try not to worry about your sickness. Hugs and love 💛

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    1. Thank you, thank you darling dear, for the love and the hugs.
      The poem? It’s my strange mood today. I did laugh at it as well. My son felt it deserved a place on his Facebook wall. Haha!
      Much love and tight, warm hugs to you. xxx

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  3. Without worrying, it’s important to recuperate. Get well soon and take care.

    Now coming back to the poetry, I could feel there is an underlying conflict. The first part of the write portrays a positive image. But thanks to poetry, it helps heal too. 🙂

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      1. Sometimes it’s these times when one can introspect and express the feelings through words. It’s cathartic! Words being the messengers takes away the worries and places them between blank pages to let the mind rest and plan a new strategy for future.

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