Just for fun

I woke up early yesterday, Sunday, at 09:30. I normally wake up much later on a weekend and I am only out of bed by around noon. So, my friends know not to bother me before 12. There are definitely no knocking on doors in the morning. I won’t even answer my phone to open the estate’s gate for anyone.

Most of the time, I would have read some blog posts, left comments and replied to comments before I am out of bed. I might check Whatsapp and FB Messenger messages, too. Sometimes, I’ll do a quick scan of Facebook and/or Instagram.

Early yesterday morning, I received a “game” message from another Filipina who’s practically a neighbor (we live in the same estate). This game made me realize a couple or so things about my life

I know, I know, I see my life in everything. I’m a strange one; I find correlations between simple experiences and how life is viewed or lived and/or life in general.

The game:

“Let’s play a game, but if you reply incorrectly, you have to promise me that you will put, as profile picture, a frog for at least 48 hours. Later you will see how many of your contacts will have the same picture. Ready? 

Here we go! 

It’s 7 o’clock in the morning, you are still sleeping in bed and you hear your friends knocking at the door to have breakfast with you. In your house you have coffee, milk, chocolate, mozzarella and jam. What is the first thing that you open? 

Send me your answer, if wrong, I will send you the picture of the frog.”

I have these 2 frogs as my Whatsapp profile pic right now.


I did say other things though.

Haha. I thought I was already in the kitchen. I don’t hear [knocks on] doors when sleeping.

I suppose there are people who hear knocks on doors when sleeping. Hahaha. And I wouldn’t even know what I have in the kitchen for breakfast unless I’m there standing in the kitchen.

In fact, we’ll have to get in the car and drive to McDonald’s for breakfast.

Then again, I don’t eat breakfast so I won’t have friends coming earlier than 12 noon. Lol!

Apart from the obvious, that I [can be a byotch who] find it difficult to accept that my brain fails me, this “game” made me think that;

  1. If I rush through life, I will turn into 2 frogs, and
  2. If I don’t pay attention to what’s before me, I will still turn into 2 frogs.

Ignoring the frogs, I philosophize:

  1. Accepting others’ games and/or rules will find me committing errors and although it might not make sense to me, I will have to pay the price for the mistakes.
  2. If I decide to conform (to the game), there will be times when I will be wrong according to the standards of those to which or whom I conform even if it doesn’t make sense in my reality.
  3. If I rush through life, I will miss the tricks presented to me and find myself having to do a double take.
  4. My interpretation of what’s before me is based on how I live my life, and I respond accordingly. Thus, I can’t possibly be woken up by a knock on the front door when I sometimes don’t hear my alarm clock that’s a few inches from my ear. I will have to be awake, with my eyes open, to hear a knock.
  5. My brain works on auto-pilot, assuming the required answer to be in singular form because the question asked “what is…?” It will be correct though if I open my eyes one at a time.
  6. When all is said and done, sometimes, there are those incidents in life that are really just for fun and shouldn’t be taken seriously, like this game. It’s a trick and I may think there’s a purpose but it is only so if given one, and that’s still debatable, too. Lol!

Then, I shrug off ‘whatever’, try to write a funny blog and let go.

Have a cheerful and fabulous week y’all! Here’s hoping the USA will have a good election this week.


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