Finding Passion In Life

I absolutely agree with Jay’s post here. It’s so true. I think that it’s a good read for most of us, if not all.

Jay Colby

How many people have told you, “Follow your passion,” “Find your passion,”  “Pursue your passion” or “Find a job that you would do for free”. Yet in many cases “passion” is often a concept that is difficult to explain, hard to find and impossible to measure. It’s something that’s unique to each of us, with no one scale to determine it or map to guide us to it. This can be problematic in a society that is rapidly changing by the minute, a “good education” no longer guarantees work and a job no longer provides security or stability. We may be losing the structure and simplicity of the past, but we are exchanging it for the freedom to create our own future. As exciting or maybe overwhelming as this may be we’re not all necessarily ready for this responsibility. As much as we embrace freedom, we also seek the comfort…

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4 thoughts on “Finding Passion In Life

  1. From our perspective, passion was not something we knew from the start and as Jay mentioned further in his post, it can be discovered later in our lives. Because we do focus to beef up our weakness, we may do so at the expense of our strengths – which could be our passion. Only to find that out later in life!

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      1. We are sure it happens. New passions emerge all the time. We are not born with all knowledge. We may find things later in life that suddenly matters to us! But for now, travel matters to us! LOL

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