Jane in the City

Jane woke up with a sudden jolt.

“What the hell!” she muttered. Hypnic jerk.

And sleep refused to return. A buried thought was forcing itself to consciousness. “Bugger off,” she said out loud. It defied her.

Did she always know? She knew the answer but she was hoping she could ignore it. It was not only making her upset. The sadness was also beginning to envelop her like a cocoon.

It would not have worked.

Even if she didn’t leave.

Even if a promise was made before she left.

Even if he waited and she went back.

He would still be the boy from a prominent family of a famous political city and she would always be the nondescript girl from a remote little town.

He could have assured her that nothing on her background mattered and that his family accepted her wholeheartedly. She would nonetheless feel inconsequential. She would remain irrelevant, as far as she was concerned. She would feel worthless, as she always did.

Her financial independence might give her an illusion of worth but even her success meant nothing.

She just wanted to sleep off the feeling of worthlessness and emptiness but sleep was elusive.

“Hello, Jane!” She heard a voice. She grabbed the duvet tightly close to her chest and sat up.

“What the…!” She cried. “Who are you? Not my fairy godmother.” Jane thought this was incredulous. “Surely,” she added with a puzzled look.

“Just a fairy but no, not your fairy godmother,” the winged creature replied. “I’d like to help you though,” she continued.

“I guess you don’t know how this thing works. No, I don’t think you can help.” Jane was convinced she had officially gone off to the other side. Insanity has prevailed.

Jane and her non-fairy-godmother sat side by side on the bed, contemplating.

“Never mind,” Jane said. “I’ll think of something.” She waved her hand, dismissing the fairy. “I’ll sort it out myself.”

Jane flew off on her broom and the fairy watched her, wondering how long Jane’s pondering will take. She knew that being in the forest would help Jane figure things out and plan her next move when she comes back to the city.

Well, it was that or psychologist. The fairy grinned. She could already hear the echo of Jane’s thoughts.

© Anna Jailene Aguilar-Van der Merwe



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