A Sine Wave

I know today isn’t Wednesday, the day I should do re-blogs as per my schedule, but I came across this post and it made me think so I’m sharing with you all.

Perhaps, life indeed doesn’t come full circle…

La vie en rose🌹

A full circle.

It’s said that if you hang around long enough, you see how life comes full circle.


But I like to think of life as a sine wave.

You’re born naive; your mind’s impressionable: as white as a clean slate. Then life happens. You experience a sundry of emotions. You struggle. You succeed. Sometimes you’re triumphant. At other times you’re defeated. You walk through life collecting points or wasting chances. More often than not, you walk to the wrong door and end up staying there. Only the courageous ones tend to walk away.

You will fill your basket with experiences.

There are times when you’re so miserable that you cry. There are also times when you’re on top of the world and are ecstatic. Today you’re following your gut. Tomorrow you may listen to your mind.

If You stay here long enough, you’ll realise that there will…

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2 thoughts on “A Sine Wave

    1. I never thought of it that way before but it does make sense.. even when we die, we don’t really go back to being how we were before we were born… or we don’t know for sure. 😊💖🤗

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