Warm air and sunshine
Calm, peaceful relaxation
Sunday blissfulness


Sometimes, all we need is a Sunday, not worrying about Monday, walking around close to home, appreciating the sky, sun, clouds, trees and everything else around us.


10 thoughts on “Sunday

      1. Not so much, my exams are nearing, and you’re welcome,would greatly appreciate it if you could have a look at my page as well, would love to hear your views. Cheers!😊

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      2. All the best with the exams. I sure hope you do well.
        I’ll have a look at your blog. I’ve checked your About page so far. Profound.. yet so young. 🙂


    1. Although I prefer Saturdays because it’s farther away from Mondays (hahaha!), I like Sundays. It’s so relaxing… until about 5pm when I start to panic and feel the need to ruin my Sunday by preparing for Monday. Lol!
      Thanks, dear friend.


      1. Lol you are simply lovely
        Lucky me as I know all days as one
        Mon or Sun I am into it

        But hey don’t panic dear
        A chocolate shake on the desk.
        Just waiting for you

        Monday will always come
        But the big news is
        It will also go

        So smile

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