What You Deserve

Because it is important to be reminded of our worth

My Worth

When God created you as a woman, He took his time to create beauty and delicacy with a mixture of strength. He sees you through the eyes of a Father, He sees you as His princess. He made you in his own image therefore you are a solid depiction of perfection. A few recognize this value, but unfortunately many live their lives as if they were worth nothing.
It hurts me as a woman when I listen to stories, of how women around the world are being emotionally abused by men, be it their husbands or partners. The amount of unacceptable behavior and guff women tolerate in relationships is disheartening. I feel in my own opinion it has much to do with how much you value yourself, how well you identify your potential and what bigger and better plans God has for you outside of the abuse.
I’m growing up…

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