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Where is the love?

2003 Release

2016 Adaptation

Inspiration – Serendipity

I discovered only today that American hip hop group Black Eyed Peas’ 2003 song, ‘Where is the Love’ got a 2016 adaptation featuring The World. The original pop/hip-hop/soul/rap inspired me to write a journal on the 14th of December 2003. I was going to post it for my throwback but before publishing, I wanted to make sure that I was right 13 years ago that its genre is hip-hop. I didn’t google then but did now, as I always do when in need of help. This is how I found that there’s a remake. How serendipitous! Coincidentally, I had just watched John Cusack’s and Kate Beckinsale’s Serendipity on Netflix.

The above trailer is meant to give me a break from the gloom and despair

Please excuse the 31-year old me who wrote the following on her journal.
I have made it easier to read by shortening the original paragraphs.
Journal – 14 December 2003

I sometimes want to kick myself for being such a cliché. Oh, yes, there is good in everyone. Inspiration is everywhere, if you but look around with open eyes and heart.

Ugh! My modern, independent and yuppie persona wants to puke.

C’mon, you’re not like that. You’re a ruthless ice princess! You don’t look deeper than the window dressing.

You know what? Call me sappy. Call me yucky! It’s hip-hop that’s doing this to me right this very moment.

Hip-hop, I thought, is anything but emotional. Hell! Today… okay it’s still early in the morning but nothing stirred my emotions as strongly as Black Eyed Peas’ “Where is the Love” song from their “Elephunk” album.

Ha-ha! I could blame my raw emotions. Hey, it’s morning!

But no, this song does this to me every time I hear it. If there is one hip-hop song everyone should be singing, it’s this!

It is so bloody true. Are we so blind? Are we just callous? There’s killing everywhere.  Violence is rampant. What are we doing about them?

People are dying everyday, and it’s not because of old age. People die from bloody, inhumane and disgusting acts. Why?

People are dying of AIDS. C’mon, what’s up?

What happened to the good in our hearts? What caused the crimes against kindness, generosity, love and respect? Do we only see the materialistic world?

What have we done to our hearts? Where did we hide our emotions? Can’t we get them back? And don’t tell me there are just people who are entirely evil. That is not true! Who started the whole revolution that made crimes and lawlessness fashionable? What is so trendy about being a gangster or a criminal?

Television didn’t start the whole new era of violence. Music did not start the angst. The movies did not start hatred and anger. Everything we see that we end up blaming originated from a human mind. What kind of human mind? What drove this mind to think this way?

I am saddened by the current world situation. We all try to run away from bad places thinking the place is what’s bad, or the people there make it unfit for safe and secure existence. Then we realize it is everywhere. And we keep on moving from one place to another. We see the bad and we flee.

We see the criminals and all we see are the crimes they committed. We refuse to look further and deeper for the soul behind the physical being. We simply cannot see the innate goodness in that person. Yet, if we take the time to talk to them, they are hurting. What makes us unable to decipher the cry for help, for compassion, for approval and for love?

Sure, we have been let down by many who were given many opportunities to show their likeness to God, the creator of all that is the world. It really doesn’t mean that the acts of a hundred lost people apply to the rest of the humankind. It is prejudice. It is stereotyping. It is impatience.

It is our own lack of whatever it is we need to have that fail our fellowmen because we just don’t care. We have become reactive agents. It is easier. There is no truth to the teaching of turning the other cheek, right? Wrong! It is just so hard! We haven’t seen it really work so we don’t do it. Let’s follow the crowd. It’s dog eats dog, survival of the fittest.

Hah! That person is dreadful yet he gets everything he wants, he’s happy and he drives a bloody nice car!

And look at me! I live an honest life, I respect people, I obey the law, I pay my taxes and I allow myself to experience emotions that make me vulnerable and I am suffering! I have a miserable, pathetic life of scarcity! This is it! There is no higher power.  There is no divine intervention here on earth. There is no such a thing as karma.

I don’t want to believe that!

Where is the love? It resides in our hearts.

Where is the heart? It is buried underneath all the past pains, hurts, disappointments and experiences that taught us to be hard and cold, to be defensive, to protect ourselves and to build a wall around our own personal worlds. And we expect others to open up, to feel, to be good?

Yes please, show me you’re good and I’ll be good to you. Give me some love and I’ll give you back some. I might just hold back a little in case you hurt me, like the last sod. At least I have something with which to start over.

Hah! You think I’ll even like you! You must be joking. You hate me so same to you. An eye for an eye!

It is easy to love back. It’s continuing to love another who doesn’t love us that’s a mission impossible.

It’s the giving to you when you only keep on taking that’s onerous. It’s giving more help that we can afford that’s taxing. It’s giving of ourselves without getting a reward in return that we cannot do… or do not want to do.

Ah, I wish the concept of “Pay it Forward” were a piece of cake! I will help you so you can help others and not I will help you now so you can help me later.

I’m not losing hope though. I have faith in people. We have been created in the image of God. I believe in God and His presence in our lives.

Perhaps, we are merely going about life the way we are meant to so we can learn our lessons and be the perfect people that we are from the beginning but we just couldn’t see. We have simply gotten lost and desperately finding our way, back to the light.

In the meantime, as it was designed to be, we stumble, we succumb to temptations, we are blind and we encounter the evils strewn by the devil. Eventually, the divine plan will be revealed and we will understand it.

I believe that…

I would like to believe that!

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