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A truly amazing post on rebuilding after a loss, then doing it again, and again… this is about HOPE! And it’s awesome!


Winter will fade.

The storms will weaken.

Dawn will break.

The sun will come out, and your home, still intact on that strong foundation, will have survived.  It might be damaged. It could be a little damaged or it could be a lot. 

But that matters not.

You will rebuild.

And if you have to rebuild, but you feel like you’ve done it a million times and it’s not working, look at your foundation.  Look at the people in your life.  Look at your energy and your time and your efforts.  Maybe make some improvements to your foundation, and then the rebuilding will be easier.

When Mental and Chronic Illness Collide

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to rebuild my life, from the ground up.

It’s not that I build bad houses; I have a great foundation.  It just seems like the universe is hell bent on tearing down my house.  Mother Nature, God, The Moon Goddess…. They are destroying my homes.  And each time they do, I have to rebuild. 

You would think having to do that maybe once would be enough.  Twice, thanks, that’s enough!!

But I, over and over again, have had to rebuild my life and my identity.  I’ve had to grieve the loss of previous lives.

I lost a vivacious and vibrant pre-2008 me to mental illness.  It took three years to rebuild that.

I lost my career.  In the blink of an eye, my job was gone.  I left work one day, fully intending to…

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