Levels in the Game of Life – Getting to Higher Levels

A must read!

I know, I seem to come across a lot of “must reads” but what can I do? I am being “blessed”. It’s already proving to be a terrific year for me as I meet here on WP more and more amazing people who possess such excellent minds and hearts that produce the great works… like this one.

This is one I have to go back to and read many times over.

Central Paradise

By: Heero Yuy

A buddy of mine challenged me to think more about:

  • the Game of Life
  • Rules of the Game
  • Ranking and Points System
  • How to get to the next Level in this Game or the next one

1) The Game:

Life is a river, flowing one way, and a careful selection of routes can lead to greater bodies of water or dead-ends/standing water pooling into swamps or lakes. Moving water is better than standing water because moving water has a chance of getting to greater bodies of water or higher levels in life.

The Stages of the Game are as follows:

A. In the beginning of the game:

Life until end of highschool or college/gradschool is rather structured. Goals are very clear and many have been through this assembly line. The administrators of this game, teachers, parents, and coaches all know this game pretty well because it is predictable 

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10 thoughts on “Levels in the Game of Life – Getting to Higher Levels

  1. oh, it does not have to be like that – the game of life that is.
    We all will have to run our own race and define our own rules. Our own definition of success. Sure the sociey has its ranking and points system…and for those being sucked into it (which sadly is most), then yes it may become a life of stress. We’ve learned to ignore these yardsticks and create our own. That’s our way to stay happy!

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    1. Hello 🙂 I was actually thinking about this and life in general this morning. I read this last night / early morning before retiring for the day. You are right; we create our own. This seems to talk to me and I think I will have to re-read it once more today – sometime later – and once more this week and maybe many more times. For my “academic life” (not academic as in related to education so perhaps “theoretical” life is more appropriate), whether I like it or not, I feel it will be good for me to “listen” to this.

      I think that sometimes we confuse happiness and success. I know we often do not see the difference between happiness and joy. But… I suppose true success based on our own terms results to joy. However, I think that success is not a prerequisite to joy although it might be to happiness. And, I think success is more easily attainable in the presence of joy.

      The less-than-pleasant reality is that there are certain “standards” that, as you said, we get sucked into.

      Could the trick be in the balance of internal and external? As with almost everything in life? Happiness (not internal joy) lies in moderation and balance…??

      My conclusion for the morning (not for my lifetime) is that we can never truly comprehend life.

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      1. You know, we both came from really really humble backgrounds. Growing up material things were scarcer than scarce! But we learnt to make do. While we do not set “low” standards, we stand by our own goals. No matter what others say. There is a saying here in our little red dot that: you never know if that neigbour of yours living in a tiny flat is a multi-millionaire! LOL. Point is, we don’t need to compare or let others know what we have to compare with…when you reach that point, it becomes mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it does not matter.LOL

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      2. It seems, my dear friends, that you have just shared the secret to your joy – acceptance, simplicity (simple abundance), contentment, self-worth (esteem?) and conscious choice to be happy or contented or feel complete no matter what, but accepting that happiness may not be there all the time every day but lack of happiness, too, shall pass…

        Hmm… or am I oversimplifying my view to reach a conclusion on a matter that may not have or may not need a conclusion?

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      3. Close enough! The secret ingredient is being nonchalant. The ‘heck i dun care’ attitude when it comes to society and even peer pressure. To be honest we have progressed well far from our humble origins, but we did not see the need to convert that change into overt and ostentatious displays for others to see…you see, if people do not see you flaunt it, you are more likely to have real friends…so, you surround yourself with likeminded or true friends who see pass material status…that is the true secret!

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      4. Ah, how appropriate. This secret was really hidden. I almost missed it.

        The tricky part is it isn’t easy to have the I don’t care 🤷‍♀️ attitude. I say that.. I normally don’t.. outwardly but the pot boils inside and it bugs me.

        Does it take practice and conscious decision and effort or is it natural for people and if you don’t have it it’s sorry for you kinda thing?

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      5. You have to make it natural! You are right it is ‘normal’ for people to compare and judge. And it can be extremely hard to suppress. We sort of have the – if you look at us and judge so much you just don’t get it kind of attitude. You can call it a superior level of feeling. Sort of the like the folks who call themselves ‘travelers’ as opposed to plain tourists.

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      6. But then, having a “superior” feeling or air on its own already seems to imply comparison…?? Maybe nonchalance and contented peace not for any reason but just because? In relation to nothing else and to no one?

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      7. You see! you’ve reverted to comparing. Just because you have a feeling does not mean that you are comparing. Its just what it is – a feeling. And then you shrug and move on

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