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Fighting Winter Blues

Whether fighting winter blues, the remotest sign of depression relapse or the temptation to simply be a couch potato, lazily, and finding excuses to do nothing instead of slowly but surely ticking off items on the ‘Things to do’ list, this ought to inspire!


“Every day holds the possibility to grant us a change in life. It isn’t limited to graduations, our children venturing away from home, or our retirements. Every day we can change our future.

While I’ve been allowing myself to wallow in my “wrench,”–my recurring winter blues, and the loss of a silly little grant–I don’t have to. I can make a conscious effort to fight it. I can wake up. I can take a walk when the sun shines, enjoy my children, and will myself to write; to finish the book that has haunted me…”

So, what are we waiting for?

J. A. Allen

It would be fair to say that occasionally, I suffer from depression. It seems to be a common thread among some writers. I don’t talk about it often, simply because it isn’t the looming monster a few of my friends and family members face. But around this time of year—every year—it sneaks up on me: a weight on my chest that’s hard to shake. img_20161130_101550I find it difficult to blog, to write, and even to return emails. And while sometimes I think it comes because my family lives too far to visit as often as I’d like, or my book is taking so long to write, or because I will never be the Stepford wife with the time and ambition to make a Pinterest perfect home,  in truth: my depression is seasonal, caused by the lack of summer warmth; the eternal shades of grey outside my window.

This January I allowed myself…

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4 thoughts on “Fighting Winter Blues

  1. They say that in the wintry north there are more instances of depression and suicides because of the lack of sun. So, to prevent that, perhaps take a half hour at least every morning and afternoon to walk out there – especially when it is sunny!

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    1. Sounds great! Surely the employers and those responsible for many people understand the need for sunlight and will let them get some regularly. Our winter isn’t bad but it can still get me down. And I don’t even like summer either – insect bites, heat rash, etc. Spring and autumn are good.

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