Fire Rooster is giving me all the luck this year

If you’re a RAT [like me], a HORSE, or a DRAGON then you’re in for a fabulous 2017 with the Fire Rooster giving you all the luck that you can handle.

Image via China Highlights


Gong Xi Fa Cai!
Gong Hey Fat Choy!
Above greetings via:

It’s Chinese New Year’s Eve; let me share this with you. 

Any time from Saturday I could be winning the lottery. Lol!

I came across a post on Facebook that got me excited. I just had to find the original source. And I did – ‘Prosper with Feng Shui’.

Thank you, Master Lim, for giving me a bright outlook for 2017.

To see the original document and for more forecasts and advice, click here. The images below are from a 39Mb pdf document published on the website. All images belong to Prosper with Feng Shui.

I do not strictly follow Feng Shui, just enough. I do not completely believe in Horoscopes and superstitions but I watch out. I do read Horoscope forecasts but I am selective; I believe the good and ignore the bad. Keeping this information about me in mind, and being a RAT, it’s easy to see why I am allowing myself to be guided by Feng Shui, if only for this year.

This year, 2017, is the year of the Rooster, the Fire Rooster to be specific. Strangely enough though, it isn’t a very lucky year for the Rooster folks. I really find it strange but hey, I’m just a reader here.

Image via ‘Prosper with Feng Shui’
The lowdown, according to ‘Prosper with Feng Shui’:
Animal Signs with the Best Luck in 2017
  • Rat (80/100)
  • Dragon (78/100)
  • Horse (75/100)
Animal Signs with the Worst Luck in 2017
  • Rabbit (20/100)
  • Goat (also called Sheep) (25/100)
  • Pig (37/100)
Animal Signs with a pretty Good Luck in 2017
  • Snake (68/100)
  • Monkey (62/100)
  • Ox (60/100)
  • Tiger (60/100)
Animal Signs with a rather Bad Luck in 2017
  • Rooster (45/100)
  • Dog (40/100)

BUT, there are lucky emblems, colors and other advice to counteract the inauspicious.

For the RATS, to have a perfect year;
  • Watch that tongue – think before speaking, be tactful and diplomatic
  • Avoid gossips and scandals
  • At work – avoid affair/s with colleagues which will be detrimental to career
  • Those married or in stable and committed relationships – avoid messy triangle relationships, stay faithful and always have the family’s best interest at heart (Yes, I did post my thoughts on ‘Cheating’; my opinion being “Cheating is easy”.)

Without further ado, since all each of us wants to do is read our own fortune for this Rooster year, I share here with you the 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs’ fortunes, in alphabetical order.

If you’re not sure what your sign is, open this document – chinese-zodiac


No matter what, to some degree, you have control over your destiny. Make it happen! Make 2017 the best year yet for you!

12 thoughts on “Fire Rooster is giving me all the luck this year

  1. Love this post, Anne! I especially like the notion of the Fire Rooster! So interesting! About Feng Shui, I have heard of it and don’t really follow it, except I do like to put a mirror at the end of a hallway or on a blank-facing wall, and I also tried putting a green indoor plant in the “wealth/abundance” corner of the house a few years ago. So far, so good, it seems!

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    1. Provided it either adds or downstairs take away from the look, I do think it doesn’t hurt to do some of the things we can do without going out of your way. I think it’s almost like the placebo concept. If we think we have “protection” then we get help somehow.. and then we don’t take seriously the bad but be careful anyway without paranoia, right? I’m excited 😂 💖🤗

      Liked by 1 person

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