Blessed or fortunate

I can sometimes kick myself for being a spoiled brat!  Yes, spoiled brat is the perfect word. But no, I will not cause myself harm. I won’t even scold myself for allowing the negative into my present moment. Not that I can take full responsibility for the presence of negativity because not all that happen in my life are within my control. However, I am acknowledging this passing moment and I vow to be more aware when my whiny, ingratitude self surfaces.

I refuse to complain that I can’t seem to get my writing going. *Ohm…*

I believe I am blessed!

I often don’t like to use the word “blessed” because it almost seems to mean that people living in poverty are not blessed. So many people in social media abuse this word and I am not going to join them. It’s like boastfulness camouflaged as humility. In South Africa, we even have the word “blesser” for he who provides [to the mistress or similar] free apartment, car, Louis Vuitton bags, Prada shoes, etc. in exchange for casual sex away from the prying or non-prying eyes of the official wife and legal life partner.

Let me not go there. *Ohm…* (Oh no, hubby is not a blesser to anyone, I know! Lol!)

I am not better or more important than my fellow humans to be “blessed” or “blessed more”. I prefer to use the adjectives lucky and fortunate. Maybe I can consider calling my life charmed, not like the wealthy with mansions and palaces and all that money can buy but charmed nonetheless. Favored? I am not quite sure. Favorite does not yet sit well with me because can God favor me over another? I don’t think so. There we go – a lesson on synonyms. Lol! I look out for opportunities and do my best to grab them as they show up on my front door and then I work bloody hard for my rewards that I consequently enjoy.

Hmm, do I forget to be thankful for my good life because I know that I work hard for it?

Today though, I am going to say that I am blessed.

I believe in my God. I have my God! I don’t go to church but I have God in my life.

I did go to church on Christmas day, in case you’re wondering.

I’d like to go to church more often as we used to do about 2 years ago but some churchgoers can be quite disheartening.

I’m not going to think about that now. *Ohm…*

Today’s modern world seems to think that God doesn’t play an important role in our little lives. People don’t seem to believe in God (any omnipotent, divine, supreme being – God; not money or self, although I know that Buddhists don’t have a god or gods, right?) anymore; that’s fine with me (so whoever doesn’t believe in God must also let me be and let me keep my God in my heart and life). We all have our own missions and we all choose how we envision the end of our lives.

Can a person who doesn’t believe in God blessed? Yes, I think so; I guess not by God.

Personally, I have God in my life and thus, my life is blessed.

I am blessed

…despite failing to write whenever I want to, not only because of my day job but because of other responsibilities and sometimes even plain laziness

I am thankful for my day job that pays me well, albeit late, generally.

I am thankful for my responsibilities because I know that am useful and I have people in my life who think I am capable.

I am thankful that I can afford to be lazy. Not doing anything also recharges my batteries.

…despite not having a mansion or a palace in which to live. I have a good home. And, one day, I’m sure we can add that swimming pool, Hollywood garage and gate. In fact, not having a gate is a huge thing to be grateful for because it means I live in a safe and secure residential estate where I get a peaceful sleep every night.

…despite not having enough money to travel as much as I would like to and fly business or first class always. I still travel. I cannot afford to stay in a suite in any of these hotels but it’s okay.

I have my family and friends. I have love.

My family and I am safe and a divine power keeps us away from harm.

I have a home (and all the other stuff). I lead a fairly comfortable life.

I have a job. I feel useful. I earn a living.

My mind works. My heart beats. My soul is alive.

I can see, hear, speak, feel, touch, think, read, write, walk, jog, run, drive… Okay, I can’t sing and dance but that has never stopped me.

I can go on with my gratitude list but it’s not necessary. Only I need to know all my blessings so I can give my thanks.

I am not saying that I will start showing off how blessed I am but I will certainly live a fortunate life or a life of a fortunate being. The Secret says we attract what we think about. In the same token, we get more of what we nurture in our mind, heart and soul. I will be conscious of my gratitude so that I may draw more of what I am grateful for.

Then, I will share with others.

Gratitude is amplified when tangible and sharing makes it so.

 And the more my heart appreciates, the more reasons I have to be thankful.

8 thoughts on “Blessed or fortunate

  1. Anne, I really liked how you interleaved your inner thoughts, “I’m not going to go there . .. ohm” with the narrative of your observations, it was really lively and engaging for the reader! 🙂 Hang in there, we are blessed to have you in our community! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much , Theresa. I always appreciate your feedback. I sometimes think I sound boring so your feedback helps a lot. And I’m definitely both blessed and fortunate (as per Mel & Suan)… and even more because I have this WP community 🙂
      Much love and hugs to you.

      Liked by 1 person

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