Debs | The Season – all in the name of research (for me)

So, I’m doing my research for a short story I’m working on and I came across 2 old articles (2008 and 2013) on the Telegraph which I found absolutely interesting. Then again, I’ve always been fascinated by royalty; darned Barbara Cartland novels. 🙂

Luckily, I find the reading materials rather delightful and intriguing and quite amusing because what I’ll write from my research won’t probably take up even half a page. Maybe!

The article – Why today’s ‘debutantes’ are having a ball again


Upper-class young women are ‘coming out’ once more as the Season is revived – but is the ritual still relevant?

Certainly, the parents launching their daughters today come from a much wider net than the previous generations of blue-bloods. “In countries such as the US and France, there’s still a section of high society that takes the ‘Season’ very seriously, as a rite of passage for their daughters,” says Caroline Castigliano, designer of this year’s ball gowns.

“But in London, you’re not likely to meet the daughter of a duke any more. It’s far more likely to be the daughter of a hedge-funder, and her parents may be from the Middle East.”

The other article to which the article above partially refers is Recalling the lost era of the debutantes is by Fiona MacCarthy, author of Last Curtsey: The End of the Debutantes (published by Faber and Faber), which “records her experiences in the last cohort of debs to be presented at Court. She was one of just four of the 1,400 girls in that year who went to university, and laughs at the notion that doing the Season would make you more employable.”

What do you think?

  • If you’re a man looking for a partner in life, would you turn to the Season and get yourself a Deb to make your wife?
  • If you’re a woman between the age of 16 and 25, would you consider the Season and be a Deb? What will be your main reason for wanting to be a Debutante?
  • If you’re a parent, and you have a say, would you want your daughter to be a Debutante? Or your son to find a Deb to make his wife?

What good can one get out of a tradition like this? (despite the elitist tone to it)

I’m curious. 🙂 Plus, I’m all for finding the good in everything.

However, I do think that a finishing school is the better option and not to learn a compulsory etiquette course for a day; a year might be in order.

For the US (New York) version, you can read this 2015 article – What It Takes to Be a High-Society Debutante

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