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Between Birth & Death

Death is the only certain thing in life, yes. And taxes, sadly. Both are not reasons to celebrate. But, acknowledging that fact about death isn’t bad at all as it prompts us to live life now and live fully. Knowing that we’re all going to die and knowing that we don’t know when we will die should be enough to shake complacency off but we’re probably stubborn and defiant.

In my early to mid or probably late 20’s, I wanted the CEO title, the cars, the mansion, the parties, the travels, the labels, the fashion, all luxuries you can think of – all of them! Until Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits asked me what I’d like the people speaking at my funeral to say about me. I realized I wanted what you have listed as what matter most to you; bestseller included. 🙂 Cars, too, if I could. Yes, I’d take all of those luxuries, if I could have them, but not at the expense of what matter most.

Knowing all the things that matter the most to me doesn’t mean I don’t go off-track because I do. I don’t spend enough time with my toddler because I’m doing extra work for my full time job, because I’m working on the business that we have on the side and because I’m writing. Keeping a balance is not easy but we keep trying and working on it.

And right now, I am forced to re-evaluate my life and goals again, telling myself that perhaps I cannot have it all, while I rest in bed because the headaches I had last week were telling me that I was in danger. I found out my blood pressure was way high (one would have had a stroke already – 215/125 to be exact) from stress. Fortunately, I’m healthy overall; excepting the stress. I’m now on medication, resting and relaxing to get that BP down, now at 162/108 (last reading about 15 minutes ago).

Maybe, having it all is an illusion. Or, we need to re-look at the definition of “having it all”.

Thank you for sharing this with us. Even for us who know, a reminder is always a good thing and most welcome.

The Renegade Press

I need a moment to compose my thoughts before we get started. This post marks a turning point in the evolution of who I am as a man, so it’s important that I try not to screw it up…

There are certain topics that cause a writer a degree of apprehension whenever he (or she) approaches them. Trying to articulate how these concepts, realities, or situations alter your perceptions, or define who you are can be daunting.  For me personally, I have always struggled to broach the subject of death. I have battled against anxiety and depression in the past, and openly acknowledging that I will eventually die used to leave me feeling petrified.

Which explains why it has been a few months since we last talked about death here at The Renegade Press.

In that time, my life has changed more than I ever imagined possible.  I’m not the man that I once…

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