Needing a tow truck isn’t necessarily a downer

I had written this draft before my hypertension concern and I decided to post it despite it being a little outdated as it’s always a good time to spread the seeing of the positive despite the negative. 🙂

We knew we needed to fix the water coolant thingimajiggie (or whatever it is) in the car so we had ordered the spare parts from the States. We just didn’t anticipate the car will give up before all the parts arrive in South Africa.

In case you’re wondering why we order spares from America; repairs and maintenance cost (of luxury cars) is substantially less than taking the car to the dealership. Hubby understands cars and we have mechanic connections.

Anyway, good ol’ Portia decided she’s too hot to be driven and I ended up chilling at a nice new BP gas station in Waterfall City, near Mall of Africa, in Midrand, chatting with my good friend over Häagen-Dazs ice cream – Praline & Cream – while waiting for the tow truck and my husband, separately.

I am so thankful for my bff for coming to my rescue and fetching my little princess from school while I was frantically talking myself to calmness and organizing the tow truck with my insurance.

Even in an unpleasant situation, the pleasant can be found. Häagen-Dazs Praline & Cream ice cream with my bff and daughter… what’s not to like! 🙂

PS to the Jo’burgers: The BP garage in Waterfall City in Midrand near the Netcare Hospital is really nice and the staff members are helpful and kind. And you get Avios points. It’s my new favorite filling station.

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