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Driving 101

I apologize to my WP community. I’m so sorry; I need to get this off my chest. Please skip this post. This is for Johannesburg residents, Fourways area specifically, especially to the one female who drives a Mini Cooper.

This post is for the beige Mini-Cooper-driving*, trashy* white* blonde* female* (not to stereotype but just to describe her who should know how driving works) who gave me the finger after hooting and going all aggro with me at the intersection of Cedar Avenue and Uranium Street/Campbell Road between Fourways Gardens and Craigavon at about 09:30 today, Friday, 17 February 2017.

In case you don’t know the area and its traffic lights, let me give you the 411 on that intersection as far as traffic rules are concerned.

  • There are 2 lanes on Uranium Street heading towards Craigavon (Campbell Road)
    • The right lane is for turning RIGHT ONLY – Perhaps you are one of those who take a lane not meant for you – SHAME ON YOU!
    • The left lane is for going STRAIGHT AND turning LEFT – I don’t know if you thought it was only for turning left. If you did, did it not occur to you what happens then to those going straight? Or, do you go through a red traffic light – against the law, by the way – and risk an accident? I don’t and especially not to give way to a rude, thick byotch who’s turning left because your royal highness NOT! wants to turn left already. Hey, blame the traffic lights people for programming the traffic lights this way!

I hope you have learned something new today. It will be beneficial to you in future. You might encounter someone not as scared or tolerant like me and your death wish might come true on the road just because you insist on feeling entitled, rude and rough despite your ignorance of the law…? Or plain stupidity!

This should go to my hubby’s blog because he’s the one who says, “Wake Up And Smell The Hummus you bottom feeding excuse of a human being.” but he hasn’t been blogging lately but maybe he’ll re-blog this.

I’m going to breathe now and find some good after my encounter with you. Goodbye, you are the weakest link!

4 thoughts on “Driving 101

    1. Haha. Sure thing, Theresa. It’s my hubby’s but what’s his is mine… and what’s mine is mine. 😂 He’s a bit harsh sometime so I turn to him when I need those words. Lotsa love and hugs 💖🤗😘


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