New normal

While not all that glitters is gold, the inverse is also true. Not all dark and dull are worthless. A plain-looking igneous rock, a Kimberlite, may be hiding some diamonds. We just need to look inside for the gem. Then, it glitters.


In the same way, we can look at a misfortune from a different perspective and we might just see a blessing, albeit in disguise.

Every day, I endeavor to see blessings even in times of adversity. This is one such attempt.

I didn’t miss life’s sense of humor; that curveball thrown at me couldn’t be missed. It didn’t miss me either. It was a challenge but like in a poker game, I called it. It continues to be a challenge at the moment as I get used to the new normal and although I may not raise, I will keep calling.

This health issue isn’t a misfortune; it’s a blessing in disguise. It would have been a tragedy if it was handed to me later on in my life. It merely requires me to readjust my schedule that I set early in the year.

Fortunately, I have discovered that the trick to goals and discipline lies behind knowing what truly matter. It’s easier to reach any goal if it’s close to heart, a priority and a choice made alone – for self – without external influence. Conversely, if you want to fail at achieving goals, aim for something in line with worldly success, dictated by peers and/or world at large, determined by the Joneses and devoid of passion.

So, here are the benefits of finding out I have hypertension and must now be on chronic medication:

  • To reduce stress, I’ll be shedding off some unnecessary activities and commitments I shouldn’t have made in the first place.
  • To control hypertension, I am forced to have a healthy lifestyle which will effectively make it easy for me to lose the excess weight and to get more sleep. I might also have to start cooking at home instead of eating out which will free up funds for better things.
  • No-guilt selfishness – I will be looking after me first so I may be able to look after others; the virtue of selfishness.
  • I am now monitoring my health which means I will be more aware of health risks earlier.
  • Living life to the fullest, a life of significance and with focus on what truly matter the most, becomes a priority once again.
Life is getting back to normal, my new normal.

10 thoughts on “New normal

  1. Heheh…see, we need to introduce you to the Singaporean concept of “bochap”. It literally means not bothered in the Hokkien Chinese dialect, but itd wider meaning is to not be affected by others. Try that. Say it : “I’m bochap!”

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  2. Anne, I really love the way you explain your own observations and reflections, and how they connect to the universal experience of human kind. I especially liked, “No-guilt selfishness – I will be looking after me first so I may be able to look after others; the virtue of selfishness.” I’m thinking of you, sending your warm thoughts! 💖

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    1. Thank you so much for the compliment my dear friend. And yes, Theresa first! Then, she has a full heart to share… and mind and soul. 🙂 A tired body can’t help, too, so replenish all of you first.
      Lots of love and warm hugs xxx

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