Aging is surely not easy for some of us who have relied on youth and the superficial to feel some semblance of worth.

With my son turning 21 [yesterday, 10 March 2017], getting old isn’t something from which I can run away. I do forget it though. I still shop for that 30-year old woman. I should have known celebrating my 30th every year since I turned 30 was not the best idea. I am stuck there. I guess those who must encounter and see me have no choice but to simply nod, smile, shake head subtly and let me be. One day, I will accept that I did turn 40 a couple of year – or so – and I will dress and act like a 40-year old woman… maybe, when I am 60. But don’t hold your breath as that might be a bit of a push, too.

Wait – is there even a difference between 30 and 40? 40 and 60? I doubt it; I could be in denial. I should attend my “We-Don’t-Age Anonymous” meeting.

My son did say I must start using make up. He said I’m starting to look old. Perhaps, a spa day will do me good. And some anti-aging creams. Miracle cream recommendations, anyone?

I should probably give myself an evaluation and assessment to see if I’m going through an early midlife crisis. Looking at the birthday pictures of my 30s, I sure miss the more youthful me.

Me thinks I’ll have a huge birthday bash this year for my 45th… like this one in 2009 –

30th Birthday Party when I turned 37 🙂 at FTV, Sandton (1st set of pictures)

30th Birthday Party when I turned 37 🙂 at FTV, Sandton (2nd set of pictures)

Maybe without these other two celebrations –

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30th Birthday 2nd Celebration with the girls at FTV, Cedar Square  (…just because we could and we wanted to.)

30th Birthday 3rd Celebration (with May birthday celebrants at work) (My balloon says so 🙂 thanks to my dearest friend, our company Marketing Manager, for playing along with me.)

Definitely, without this one –

37th BDay

Even similar to my last 30th birthday party will do.

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Ah, I really must just accept this aging process. After all, I am happy with my birthday tree, which, in almost eight years, has grown older and bigger.

8 thoughts on “Aging

    1. Oi, I hope so. It’s bad enough to be in denial; company will make me feel better. 😄 45+ might be the new 30 but darned “20 somethings” still make us look ancient. 😝😂

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  1. I LOVE your birthday tree! what a fun idea. And I know what you mean about sometimes worrying about looking old. But when you smile, when you’re enjoying life, people tell me that the years fall away and you look young again. I think you are a wonderful person for enjoying your life, Anne! Congratulations! 🙂

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    1. The tree was a present from my ex-boss’ sister (also a Director in the company where I was working then). She asked me what I wanted and I thought something that grows and won’t easily lose value or use in my life would be great. 😆
      Thanks so much, Theresa. I am hoping I’ll get used to the idea of getting and looking older. I must also find the balance in having fun / staying get young and growing old disgracefully 😂

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      1. that’s so fun – a tree for your birthday. So original! – About getting older, I had a student in one of my classes (I was teaching college engineering) who told me she loved my hair! And I figured, I’d just had it cut, I was looking so stylish, so young … and then she said, “I love how you’re letting it just go gray.” 🙂

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