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Tattoo – fiction & reflection

This is Theresa’s wonderful writing, which I’d like to share because it resonates with me.

Looking at the literal sense (as opposed to symbolic), there are still many people who see tattoos, in general, in a negative light. As with many things in life and this world, to generalize isn’t really the good path to take. I know I also forget my good intention but I stop, check and correct.

Symbolically, what the tattoo represents are many things we do to “ignore” the pain we may be feeling. We sometimes judge those people who resort to unconventional ways of dealing with trauma; we shouldn’t.

2 thoughts on “Tattoo – fiction & reflection

    1. Lol! You can’t have tattoo of a “relationship”. It has to be personal. It must be “you” and you alone so it is not affected by the changes in life. The real problem is having the tattoos on old wrinkly skin. Haha!

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