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Young once (in the city)

I went for my facial, wax and foot spa / pedicure this past weekend. I was chatting with my close friend while having my pedicure. I had told her where I was and what I was doing. She asked if I was going to Jimmy Choo afterwards to look for my Andrew.

I was a little lost but only briefly having remembered my short story for our Cinderella Anthology Project.

By the way, to all who participated in the challenge, Theresa and I have exciting news (soon)!

She wanted me to try my fiction in real life and then tell her if City of Magic does come true. She doesn’t believe my Cinderella story can happen in Sandton City, or in South Africa.

Well, I couldn’t try it because hubby might not be happy with me finding Andrew.

And I’m old now.

But, I told her the magic works because I once met a Greek guy at Walnut Grove Restaurant, not far from the Jimmy Choo store (which didn’t exist yet at that time). Prince Charming was quick to propose marriage. He was going to “pay off” my then boyfriend with a truckload of whisky, or the cheaper Black Label beer which said boyfriend then actually drank regularly.

My friend isn’t convinced there is magic in the city because Prince Charming wasn’t South African. She says my fairy tale might come true if Andrew were a foreigner.

I am now reminded of those carefree days…

Oh, how excitingly unpredictable it was to be young in the city!

2 thoughts on “Young once (in the city)

    1. And now, we’re stuck with what we have. 😂😂😂 Actually, choices can be overwhelming. We must just keep the men on their toes. Whether they do ballet or now! 😆💖🤗

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