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Here’s a short one (although not the only one) from me today because I have allowed a couple of current issues in (1) my ordinary life, and (2) in my world to get to my nerves.


My body talk practitioner said it is important to express frustration and/or anger. And then let go…

Have a wonderful weekend to all!


5 thoughts on “Attitude

  1. I could have posted the “issue” to which I refer but I avoid negative stuff on my blog especially not mine; I have enough of my own that I do my best to turn into positive… 🙂

    This past week, there was an incident at a local Restaurant Chain (not fine dining – perfect place to have “rowdy” children as you don’t come here for the ambiance and you surely won’t propose here. Lol! But they have reasonably priced meals and reasonably good meat. It’s South African. It’s a family restaurant. There was a squabble in the restaurant between two parents/guardians – one white, one black – perfect “opportunity” for opportunists and media who value “views” at the expense of instigating “hate”. Immediately, it was labelled “black vs white” and racist…

    What I know (I wasn’t there and I didn’t see the kids in the video) is that a black kid double the age of the white kid hit the younger kid. Obviously, the child minder didn’t do anything. The white father approached the black mother (apparently, the video wasn’t all of it as the restaurant only released the part when it was already heated) and asked to “discipline” (I’m not sure) her child. Immediately, she swore at him (in front of the many kids she had at her table).

    Personally, I would have said sorry and say that I will ask the child what happened. Thus, my other post… She later called him racist and said she came to Spur with her own money and she can do what she wants or something similar. So, I came up with “Spur money”. I’m being a snob and will be that one with preconceived ideas now but “fine-dining restaurant money” will not do what either of the parents did. Not a sure thing but the establishment won’t allow such. I guess, it’s because snobbish fine dining restaurants will not condone rowdy children. The fights are different, basically. But yes, among the masses, there will be those with class and upbringing and there will be those without. We must be ready for whatever it throws at us

    I know that such an incident will not get either of the reactions from me or my hubby. Our little girl has been hit twice at her Montessori school and all we can do is talk to her and teach her the right way to react and let the teachers handle the situations. Again, the difference is in the training of the staff of Montessori school and the staff of a family chain restaurant. It shouldn’t be, but we also can’t pretend it doesn’t exist.


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