Room of Plenty

I am re-blogging this because I think many of us forget to be thankful for many blessings we do enjoy. We focus too much on the wants that we’re waiting for. We don’t realize how much of our needs we already have.


It is the smaller things in life, the practical ones, I’ve adhered to; ones so simple that others take for granted in this thirsty for more culture.

Stretched upon my duvet cover to write this post, before the world pollutes my thinking, I sit here humbled by the blessings God has bestowed on me.

Within four walls of blue and in this tiny corner of light, many hearts have shown love and grace, as I continue on this path Christ has laid out. A journey that started on mission, turned a corner toward purpose, last August, which has led me here. Here, where I take up the square footage of a horse stall, and where in the surrender to Christ, I accept what He has provided. This isn’t to say that I don’t want; oh trust me, I do want and much at that. But right now that wouldn’t be…

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One thought on “Room of Plenty

  1. Indeed life’s “little” moments, things, experiences, feelings are what makes up a wonderful life. Many people surround themselves with material stuff…but these stuff cannot interact with them! After 50 years, what can one say about the things one possessed? Oh we had great times together?


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