No Little Things

I wrote while on the move during those wonderful days of my gallivanting, unemployed, free-spirited self:

No little things - Cloud“Pensive aboard Malaysia Airlines, seeing nothing but clouds, a prominent formation caught my eye. It was as though the clouds were calling me. I dare not say I heard voices calling out to me for fear of being found out that I get into psychotic lapses. I did fix my gaze on one very specific formation after the first fleeting irrelevant glance. I thought to myself that that brief incident is so much like life. There are those gifts of beauty that we can behold. There are opportunities to grasp and grab if we could only refrain from looking at life with a blank nonchalant stare. We seem to be paying attention but we are not actually present.”

“Every single event in our lives or each little thing in our world is like life itself. I guess it’s because the whole is made up of the many parts. Life is made up of its many manifestations. Perhaps, all we need is to remain mindful and to not take anything for granted. Many things around us reflect the beauty of life and not only life’s routine or mundane daily activities and preconceived beliefs. When we really look, we will certainly see life for the way it really is – a single lifetime of challenges, enchantments, beauty, excitements, inspirations, awe and more; all rolled into one yet much more than a thousand times of mere existence in robot-like state.”

I am not so sure now what I was talking about. Perhaps I was under the spell of the clouds. I was mesmerized and for a moment there I lost my head up in the air. Moments like this make life interesting. Writing without filter awakens our senses.

Beauty of life

There are so many reasons why I feel truly blessed. One important gift is the ability to find beauty in and appreciate all that I encounter. Life’s beauty warmly touches my soul. I have realized that real beauty and magic are not those which are processed by the brain but felt and held by the heart.

I refuse to let go of the child in me for it is the part of me that reminds me every day of the countless blessings I receive, of our beautiful home called earth (although sometimes concealed), and of the gift that is my life and my body where I house my spirit. I think it is the child in me who believes that there are no little things. The little things sometimes end up being the huge things.

Little things are the big things

Relationships, romantic or otherwise, come to mind when I think of little things being the big things.

What is it that makes a person special to me? Definitely, no matter how magnificent it is, and considering that it is one of my favorite things, a string of pearl necklace will appear less important in comparison to that look in the eyes of my lover as he professes his [hopefully] eternal love for me.

There is the story – or it is history? – of my life’s quest for my soul mate when I was much younger. I consider one specific relationship important in my early adult life. From this young love, I remember many ‘little’ things quite vividly. It was rather strange; we were together (in person) for only a few months but the love lingered (in spirit) for at least a decade.

No little things - Bay

It was his hand holding mine, as we walked along Manila Bay or to Sunday mass or to a movie, that remained in my memory. What warmed my heart then were the whispered cheesy sweet nothings, the casual touch on my skin, the smile on his eyes as he looked at me, and those spontaneous embraces no matter where we were. Even our bloopers were a source love shared between us.

I don’t know if it’s because young love has more passion but this memory definitely beats that of the stay in One and Only in Cape Town with that one lover.

I suppose the exception would be a 2-carat diamond platinum ring handed to me by the beloved whose eyes would blissfully dance as he says he’d like no one else than me to be his kids’ mother.

It hasn’t happened. Perhaps, something similar is still to become reality.

Right now, I really love my little things!

These little big things can be a relaxing afternoons of catch up and chat with the family and some close friends wherever we find ourselves or simply sitting around at home doing nothing in particular, exchanging jokes, and having an absolutely nonsensical conversation.

Quality time with loved ones is a little big thing. We don’t even have to be on holiday in some fancy resort.

21 thoughts on “No Little Things

  1. We want to keep a little of our child in us. Sure we are young at heart but that’s not the point!
    What we want rather is that inner child who is curious and playful at times, as we continue on our journey in this thing called life.

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    1. There is always that struggle between the child in me and the perfectionist, control-freak with OCD. Life is a journey we are here to enjoy and maybe have an impact, no matter how small, on the world. Stay curious! Stay playful! 🙂 Hugs xxx

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  2. Living in the moment, just now should be how we live and this way we will not be bothered about any goals or purpose. Life is to live and that in itself is a goal and life is moving is the whole purpose to move with it. The inner child in us can only be playful if we allow it to do what it wants without thinking much of society and so called BS. The more we look inside at the end all we want is the state of Bliss not just happiness. Anna you are right saying small things are not small if we enjoyed that moment because small things become bigger when we value them.

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    1. Pawan, I agree with you completely; I love that word – Bliss! I have often considered bliss to be happiness/joy with peace. There is that unaffected contentment. And indeed, small things become big because of value. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing. I hope you are well.

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      1. I am good, Anna. Recovering from tored ankle muscles and hamstrings .Bliss is the intrinsic nature of our being, a state of contentment and peace. A light shining and giving others feel the brightness too.
        How are you doing?
        How is work going?
        Are you on a vacation or home. 😊🙏🙏

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      2. Oh, sorry to hear. That must be awful. Busy as always but deliberately slowing down to manage stress as I was diagnosed with hypertension last month. I am home. 🙂
        You take care.

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      3. Oh my I am so sorry I didn’t know about your health. How are you now? Please take the meds in time and take care of yourself. Drink juices and water lots and eat healthy please. May Source shower on you its grace and bless you with speedy healthy recovery and always bless you with good health. 🙏

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      4. Thank you so much, Pawan. Yes, it’s a lifestyle change for me. Can’t overwork and must get my sleep and take medicine every day. There are also certain food to avoid and deep breathing helps when stress comes. Thank you. 😊🤗

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      5. Yes, Anna you need to be responsible to your self, your body too. Lifestyle changes for the betterment of you. 😊. Yes, please sleep more…
        And be a good girl and take meds in time everyday please, okay.
        Try the yoga savasana (corpse pose).

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      6. Lie in a supported Savasana (Corpse Pose). Inhale and exhale slowly, focusing on how the air feels as it passes through the nose, into the body, and back out. Think of the breath as the gift of prana, or life force. Visualize this healing breath filling the whole body. Let each new inhalation bring energy to expand and soften, cleanse and release. With the exhalation, let the tension and heaviness of the pain flow out of the body. Continue until you feel quiet and more relaxed. Come out of the pose when you are ready.

        Always you should try this twice …morning and before bed.


    1. Thanks so much, Theresa. I am cursed with vivid memories of old and long ago and awful, awful short-term memory. I even forget why I go to a room or an answer given to me minutes ago, a couple or so times. Haha! It’s really strange that I even remember emotions… Hmm… Coincidentally, my scheduled post for the morning is a short poem called “Memory”. 🙂 Warm hugs my friend xxx

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  3. Lovely writing Anne. I am happy that I found you. You take care 🌸
    By the way I worked with standard chartered bank in Philippines and had Africa as my regional responsibility when based in London.
    Do you have any books published? I am not a writer, but want to write a book. More like an item in bucket list.
    With that objective, I formed ‘Book Writer’s Club’ a whatsapp group of budding writers to share experiences and encouragement. Please see my blog with the same name

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    1. Hi Kurian. Thank you so much. Same here. Your presence here is much appreciated.
      Come visit South Africa sometime. It’s an amazing travel destination.
      I have so far published Book 1 of the Crossroads and Conquests Series. It is the Poetry book. There are logistics needing my attention for me to proceed with this mammoth project of mine, like trademarking and writing… I am working on them.
      I will definitely check out your Book Writers Club. That is an awesome initiative. I am a member of a few, although for now, I feel more at ease doing the writing behind closed doors until the writing is ready for beta reading, editing, proof-reading…

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