Acceptable off-balance or excuses?

I don’t suppose I’m the only one who find reasons (also reads: “excuses”) for failing to do what I set out to do even when I don’t look for them. Yes, I do find reasons to justify my non-performance… Yes, “reasons”; plural! They may even sound valid.

For example, as the work week ended one Friday, I had an urge to write about something that tremendously bothered me. I huffed and puffed about someone’s action/behavior pertaining to a woman who isn’t his wife. I was convinced that he seems to be willing to sacrifice the business for this overbearing woman. Eventually, I let it go. Notwithstanding the fact that I would need (I needed) to attend to something, it was not really my issue. To avoid unnecessary stress and tension, I resorted to the following, as usual:

  1. I remind myself that I would rather be happy than right. – I inherited this from my very good friend, Anthony. Thanks my darling! (If you’re still stalking my posts every now and then.)
  2. I say, “I just work here!” – Because I do! And, no matter how much I’d like to be significant and for what I say to affect actions, I have learned that it ain’t ever gonna happen.

Did I digress there or did I just casually offer my justification for not writing?

I grumbled myself out of writing. I did! Writing would have been a more creative and acceptable way of expression.

My negative energy was exhausting! It was contagious, too. I was pretty hopeless the whole weekend. It was such a waste! The weekend was contagious, too. It spread to Monday and Tuesday. I squandered four could-have-been amazingly productive days. With public holiday Tuesday, I could have made good use of Monday – that sandwich holiday – since we didn’t have to go to work.

Of course, I had an excuse for Monday. I was feeling sick from the onset of flu. Or so I thought. It was nothing self-medication couldn’t fix.

A recurring illness

Lethargy for me is a recurring issue; a constant visitor, I suppose. I often suffer from it.

The first week of March was more hectic than usual not only because of usual financial month end but because of new (and urgent) compliance items that needed to be done. I went completely off-balance… I think. I felt the urge to do more relaxing activities, including spending time with the family, at the expense of writing and/or blogging.

However, considering my hypertension diagnosis early in February, I believed that I was wise accept my off-balance.

I may not be scared of death but I sure fear not dying from stroke. Surviving a stroke is definitely better than dying from it but I just don’t think I have the spirit to cope with the recovery or lack thereof.

Although not physically tiring, my job that is mentally taxing and it causes physical fatigue. I couldn’t bring myself to do any writing. I felt as though my brain was exhausted and poor thing just didn’t have any energy left to put together posts. Instead, I surrendered and spent time not thinking.

A week of off-balance

The whole work week from the last day of February (Tuesday) couldn’t possibly be more routine as I (we) did the same thing every day – woke up, worked, relaxed, ate, slept… repeat! The weekend was busy and fun but it was followed by another weekday (Monday) of the same – woke up, worked, relaxed, ate, slept… repeat! My only attempt to avoid being a ‘boring’ me was via supper/dinner venue and food.

  • Tuesday – typical South African meaty meal at Spur in Montecasino
  • Wednesday – Indian food at Danny’s House of Curry in Montecasino AND we were joined by my bff and her mother
  • Thursday – went a bit ‘fine dining’ with Portuguese at Beira Alta in Montecasino
  • Friday – went to our reliable go-to restaurant of winner of Masterchef South Africa, Aarya, in Montecasino (Please excuse my ignorance; I don’t know how to classify the food there.)
  • Monday – opted for light supper at Mugg and Bean in Montecasino

I am unquestionably predictable and possibly boring; a creature of habit!  In my defense, Montecasino is our convenient neighborhood entertainment place where I feel safe even at night courtesy of the ever obvious presence of security, being a casino complex, I suppose. In fact, I would rather leave my child at the child care here than have a sitter to stay with her at home.

As can be expected, my blogging week was extremely disappointing.

  • I Think, I Say, I Do
    • Wednesday – 2 Cinderella Project re-blogs; no original writing from yours truly
    • Thursday – Cinderella Project short note
    • Monday – Music
  • Food | Travel | Tour
    • Monday – Short Travel Moment / Daily Post’s Photo Challenge (note that the last post before this was a week and a half ago)

I am guilty as charged!

All fun and no work

Weekends are a little more exciting as we do our best to infuse some fun. We would do fun already from Friday evening unless absolutely exhausted. But weekends do not always buzz with activities and excitement as we have quiet ones, too.

A fun weekend is almost a given when it starts with a compulsory activity like my little princess’ sports day on Saturday morning. On this specific Saturday, the sporty air lingered and we ended up watching our team, Lions, play and win against Australia’s New South Wales Waratahs at the Emirates Airlines Park.

That Sunday saw us at the Emperors Palace in the eastern part of Johannesburg to watch some Russian ballet as our little ballerina shows a lot of serious interest in the art. I probably enjoyed it more than she did. It might have been a bit long for her but she was well-behaved in the theater. I am always so proud of her when we take her to watch shows.

It’s acceptable to be okay with off-balance

No one is perfect. We are not robots. We falter and it’s okay. Sometimes, we should accept that we will allow ourselves to be lazy. We shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves when we fall into the laziness trap. We can visit the land of lethargy but we must not check in as though it’s Hotel California. We need to be able to leave after we check out.

Acceptable off-balance (11)

I have checked out and I am leaving.

See you on the flip side!

Acceptable off-balance (12)


Oh, I did something fun that boring, lazy week. I spent time with my shoes. My little princess, too. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Acceptable off-balance or excuses?

  1. “No one is perfect. We are not robots. We falter and it’s okay.” I love this, Anne! It is such a healthy way to look at how we try, perhaps feel disappointed, try again. And I also love that you DO spend time on weekend fun activities, esp. with family – these are memories and experiences that our children and family will always treasure. You took the time to be with them and to experience life with them, not holed up somewhere making sure you got that new blog post done. Hurrah! Keeping family safe and spending time with them is never unimportant! And, thanks as always for your very inspiring and transparent communication style! 💖

    Liked by 1 person

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