Counting down

Thirty days to 45.

As I count down, my melodramatic self will be on a quest to figure out what to do with Anna Jailene Aguilar. Yes, me! 🙂 Oh, and something else

In the next 30 days, my goal is to have a clearer understanding of what I want the most in life and what I am willing to sacrifice to achieve it/them. I am fully aware that it is a tall order considering that it is but normal for the majority of us not to know what we want until we are bidding this world adieu. But I’m going to do my utmost.

Back to something else… It is a new website. But why?

Well, I decided to create a new gmail address because I didn’t want to keep using the one with me as a ‘Botes’ (my ex-husband’s surname). And because life is unpredictable, realistically, I made sure I won’t go through this again: I’m using my own surname.

So, why stop at the email address, right? I didn’t.

I present to you annajaileneaguilar.com!

But don’t expect anything just yet. It’s a start-up. 🙂

I am restructuring and reorganizing. This site will remain. However, I am thinking of moving Fiction and Poetry over to the new site. This – ‘I think, I say, I do’ – will be my random and rambling.

Rearranging my life got me thinking… And I do hope you’ll stick around with me. xxx

Perhaps, I consider it conceit. I would need to be in love with myself to embrace it.

It’s not that I have not been there or I don’t go there. I allow myself to visit the place every now and then. When I was younger, about 15 years ago, I was there.

You know when people say, “Been there, done that…”? I say the same.

“I’ve been there, done that, and I didn’t only get the t-shirt. I was the mayor of that and there were t-shirts with my face on them.”

The last part is a joke!

But I was there. I opened a modelling agency and a fashion store called, “Anna Aguilar”. I loved my name. I envisioned to make an empire called me!

I was in love with me. Some might have called me vain. I was head over heels in love with me. My idol was me who could do anything and could make anything happen.

I loved me.

Because I had to. I think. It was a subconscious thing.

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7 thoughts on “Counting down

  1. Anne, I LOVE the new website name! And it is lovely, your name, it has poetry, Anna Aguilar! “Own” it, my friend! I’m also excited that you are thinking about this milestone as a way to re-create or re-imagine yourself. Freeing yourself from the mental or emotional bonds that may be limiting you. yay! you are inspiring! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, thank you so much, Theresa. I seem to be really struggling with getting older but I think embracing it might be the way to go. Getting flu, colds, cough and having some sort of health issues almost every other week while all tests reflect good health except for the hypertension make things worse. I know we must not ignore challenges and obstacles but acknowledge and proceed anyway, and even embrace maybe… Darned limiting mental and emotional bonds keep me on my toes. Haha! And you and many here in my WP community keep me and my spirit going. Thank you. Much love and hugs my friend.

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      1. Thank YOU, Anne! It’s so frustrating to be grappling with health issues. Grr! You have so much energy and motivation, you are my inspiration! Have a really wonderful weekend! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It is truly frustrating. I guess I really need make changes to my habits. I can’t have aches and pains, colds and cough, flu and whatever else all the time. It’s a call to change. 😃 And so do you, my dear friend. You inspire and encourage always. I’m fortunate. Hope your weekend is fab, too. Warm hugs. 💖🤗

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