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More cheesy than cool

After almost an eternity – not! – I heard Boyzone on the radio. Oh, I listen to Jacaranda FM, Gauteng Province’s “Afrikaans station”, as far as I’m concerned. (The DJs still speak Afrikaans). They play the hits of the “80s, 90s, and now”. 

The song was “You Needed Me”.

While hubby had never heard of the song, perhaps because he was born in 1985 and was too young to know the music that the young might call classical, “You Needed Me” was one of my favorite songs. It has a good enough melody and the lyrics that go with the music are pretty good, too. Most importantly, I can – or so I think – sing the song.

I am not a singer. I love to sing. My parents have always encouraged me to sing. I sing in public. I have been singing since before I started school. In my “old age” – now – I sing in the shower and in the car. I also do karaoke when I get a chance.

My parents love me so they say I can sing. My son thinks I shouldn’t sing. I don’t care much for his opinion because he really can’t sing to save his life. Hubby says I can’t sing. (He says he loves me. I question it. Ha-ha!) I can’t sing high notes so I tend to change the key and sing from a lower key, singing the same tune. Oh, hubby is just competitive. He even thinks he’s prettier than me. Maybe, it’s his way of getting back at me for refusing to refer to him as hot. I say he’s good looking. He might even have handsome moments. But, hot? He’s too thin.

I digressed. I apologize. It’s a bad habit.

“You Needed Me” and I have a history. The year was 2002. I applied to be a contestant in Big Brother South Africa Season s. I was one of the 420 that got through to the interview stage. I remember it clearly. The interviews were held at the Palazzo Hotel, in Montecasino/Fourways. I was asked what my talent  was. I have no talent. Ha-ha! Anyway, had I known the personalities of the final contestants, I would have said thanks for the interview but bye bye (and I don’t have a talent) or something. Instead, I was the typical accountant me and sang “You Needed Me”, sans music. The interviewer asked if I could dance and I said yes but I wasn’t going to dance without music. I can dance, really. In fact, I am a better dancer now than when I got the “Dancer” Award in elementary school. I could have done a monologue like in high school for the Miss United Nations Beauty Pageant. I was Miss Spain. No, I didn’t win. I was only 1st Runner up. Miss India won. We were all Filipinos. Ha-ha!

Hearing “You Needed Me” made me feel a little nostalgic. I wanted more so I got more, thanks to YouTube.

I decided that I really like Boyzone and their songs. I don’t care if they’re not “in” or if they’re the “singing accountants” (compared to Nsync, I suppose). I am also not bothered that I seem to be stuck in the past. It’s only in my music. Boyzone’s songs somehow wake up the romantic in me. Maybe I like romance but I stopped being romantic when I didn’t listen to my cheesy music anymore. Ha-ha!

I now remember how unsophisticated I am. I thought I’ve grown up to be sophisticated. Authentic self excavated.

And it’s okay. I am cool with my cheesiness.

I can pull out from hiding that personality of mine that doesn’t care to pretend or pretend to care. I do get those rare moments when I am too crazy to care so I don’t bother to conform. Perhaps I am more comfortable with not conforming now that I am older. Then, I can enjoy listening to the music I really, really like. (“Really, really like” means I can sing along.)

You Needed Me
Every Day I Love You
No Matter What


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