Three’s a crowd

I wrote this story for Cracked Flash Fiction (CCF). It is part of “Enchanted Love”, which is from this flash fiction that CCF picked as the week’s winner and which I am now contemplating on turning into something longer, inspired by Ronel.

Prompt: He leaned against the tree with a sigh.

He leaned against the tree with a sigh of despair, or perhaps resignation, but not sadness. A hint of sadness perhaps, understandably, because he hadn’t found his one main reason for living. He didn’t even know what he truly wanted in life. But, he loved riding. His horse was his friend and the giant tree by the river in the forest his bliss.

He enjoyed the outdoors. In his presence, nature came alive and he became not only a willing witness but a happy participant. He was happier when the fairies came out to play.

“Fairies? What fairies?” he asked aloud. “Fairies don’t exist. I’m hallucinating.”

“Those fairies on the riverbank,” a voice replied. He turned, stunned. She continued, “You see them. They must be real.” Her eyes twinkled.

“Um, ah, I’m,” he stammered. “I’m dreaming. I’m sure.”

She touched his arm. “These?” she gestured all around. “All real.” She smiled. “I’m Mary.”

He gawked at her, looked around, nodded at the fairies, and shook his head. “I’m sorry,” he said finally. “I’m Alejandro.”

Hours passed. They chatted like they’ve known each other for years.

Some fairies brought flowers. Alejandro picked one and gave to Mary. He suddenly felt alive.

“I like you.” Mary stroked his cheek.

He was smiling lovingly. “I do—” Alejandro was cut short abruptly.

There stood an extra-ordinarily tall man with leaf-shaped ears, crystal blue eyes and golden hair. He sparkled as the sun shone on him directly. “Mary is mine,” he declared.

“No, Marcos!” Mary glared at him. “I’m not yours.” She raised her hands, pointed at Marcos, above her head. He stood transfixed.

Mary urged Alejandro to leave. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” she whispered.

Riding away, Alejandro looked back to see Mary release blinding lights. Marcos vanished. Into the limbo.

17 thoughts on “Three’s a crowd

    1. Thank you so much, Theresa. Oh gosh! You must check yesterday’s Microcosms. So many entries and there are a few I really like. I think I don’t read but I realize I read a lot. And the more I read other writers’ stories, the more my mind stretches. The Cracked Flash Fiction has pushed me to write my 300 words or less fiction every week. I just need to get to my poetry. I do write my musings often.

      By the way, I’m going to ask hubby’s cousin if she can try come up with our book cover. You might have missed my email. I must have sent it to your work while you were away. I have an idea for a cover. 🙂 And, I communicated with Sunny about a “deadline” for her revision. Is end of this month okay?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, absolutely! (to the end of the month deadline).

        If you have an idea for a cover, that’s great. We also have the option for a professionally designed cover through Amazon if that turns out to be a preferable choice. Now that I’m back from traveling I would like to take a look at where I am with formatting etc. – hopefully tomorrow (Sunday)!

        I will look at Microcosms! I love that you’re still going. I write from the prompts for Cracked Flash Fiction, but I am not currently posting them either because I’m after the deadline, or sometimes they are good enough that I want to use them for a different project. Great resource, though! (Maybe I should write two versions and post the extra one!)

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      2. That’s fantastic. Thank you. Let me start pushing my minions (hubby and son – haha!) for the formatting. And yes, at least we always have Amazon when we can’t do it ourselves.
        I think doing the 300 words or less can go to Microcosms and Cracked Flash Fiction and then do the proper ones, without that limited number of words for our own writing. They are definitely helping me write. I’m contemplating on turning the fantasy one into a novel but I need to do a lot of research as I don’t really do fantasy. Harry Potter, Charmed, Practical Magic, Bewitched and the like are the closest I get to fantasy. I like Sci-Fi but I tried writing and can’t. I tried crime and the psycho in my subconscious seems to help. Haha!

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      3. Fantasy is a perfect way for you to go. I know from your Cinderella stories that you have the gift for it. I sometimes call my stories “Twilight Zone” style stories, since they are not always really science fiction, but more supernatural or fantasy. Love this!

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    1. Before I started writing the manuscript for my non-fiction (I’ve started re-looking at it and editing), I came across something that stuck to me: the teacher appears when the student is ready. Viktor Frankl was that to me. And now, you, Ronel and the rest of my WP community. Perhaps the time has come. 🙂 I need to be braver with my writing. I have about 2 or 3 romance (with the first few chapters written and full outline/summary) that I set aside (for better days – hahaha!) and maybe I should also take them out as Ronel did in February (I was reading her March post before April AtoZ challenge. I really wish I could just write but I like working, too, and the money is not bad. 🙂
      Thank you my dear friend, for being supportive always. I am so blessed to have you encouraging me. I don’t even have to force you to read my stories. I have been asking hubby to read my yesterday’s Microcosm entry and he still hasn’t. I even said it’s my first try at crime. Sigh! An artist is never recognized in his own town, right? 🙂 At least I have a friend and business partner who reads my stories all the time. And she gives feedback. 🙂

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      1. I know, my husband doesn’t really read my work either, but I love it when my writing friends and colleagues read and enjoy it! :). I applaud your idea to both work AND write. Working gives you people and situations to use as fodder in your creative writing work. So that’s okay! I love that you are thinking about a romance – there is a lot of opportunity for a writer in that genre. And I’ve noticed an uptick in your creative productivity since we’ve been working together. So, I hope you will keep going even when you feel like it’s not progressing as quickly as you think. :). :: HUGS ::

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      2. It’s so true. Being out there adds to the creativity of our imagination. I just don’t know if I should feel bad when I use people and their situations for my stories. Maybe they should feel flattered. 😝 And you definitely make a positive impact in my writing life. Thank you very much. 🤗💖 I am realizing that writing isn’t just supposed to be about passion. I can’t write only when I feel like it. I need some discipline and determination which means I must write even when I don’t feel like it or when it seems there just isn’t time for it. Luckily for me, I’m not getting any younger so I must make things happen from now on. Lots of love and hugs my friend. ❤️🤗

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      3. Oh! You should totally not feel bad in using other stories! Yesterday this little imagining I wrote was in the mind of a homeless person I saw in our park. But if it’s someone I know, family or friend, I try to just take a part of their story and slightly change it, so that I don’t feel bad in case they read it. :). Love that you’re writing fiction!

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      4. We do have to write what we know, right? Hehe! I’ll pretend the people won’t read what I write and if they do, they won’t see themselves in the stories. Hmm… but we have our imagination and creativity to fictionalize the stories, they won’t be like reality. 😄

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