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Mayhem in my mind

I’ve been meaning to write since much earlier this evening. Instead, I made supper. I’m making up for failing to do some mindful cooking last week. Cooking for me is challenging enough. I seem to be on a roll though because I baked my usual banana cake/bread yesterday.

Cooking was followed by supper, which I had in front of the TV, watching Annie on Netflix. Three hours disappeared without much warning! Or I wasn’t paying attention.

My head is chaotic right now. There is so much going on in there that I can’t focus. I even went through my Reader and read blog posts instead of starting with my writing. The materials are all jumbled up and I’m currently incapable of putting them in order. I will skip both cooking and baking, and write tomorrow.

It’s possible that the strange weather we’ve had in the last few days threw me off. I don’t dislike winter. I like autumn as much as I love spring. Summer can get too hot so it’s not a favorite. But, this weekend was just awful. I even found myself writing a Tanka yesterday (Sunday).

Autumn Rain

Dark, cold and rainy
But golden leaves I should see
Did someone curse me?
Wet winter not our normal
Yet it’s here, even early

Apart from the upcoming winter which hubby seems to think will be colder than last year, the road closures / reduced lanes in our area (Fourways) are starting to get on my nerves. It is already a stretch for me to drive 20km to get to work but the traffic jam is definitely testing my patience and sunny disposition. The taxis (public transportation – mini vans carrying passengers) are not the only nuisance on the roads these days. Some private cars are starting to misbehave. There is also slow-moving traffic in Kyalami so I experience double the pain twice every day. I wish I could work from home. Even  a change in my working hours would work for me, too. Ah, if only… 09:00 to 16:00 would be acceptable. 🙂

I know, I am dreaming…

I should rather dream in my sleep. The chatters in my head are going to give me a headache so I must retire now. I imagine that the sun will come out tomorrow, the roads will be kinder, the drivers on them courteous, and my mind will be clear like the normal African autumn sky.

Oh, I have this in my head, too. It could be a discussion for another day but for now, I’m hoping that sharing it would leave my head less crowded.

Growing up

I’m happy enough the voices aren’t arguing… yet!

This post is scheduled. I wrote this before bed, in bed.

7 thoughts on “Mayhem in my mind

  1. At least the sun seems to want to stick around today 🙂 It’s scary how much time gets sucked up by cooking, the Reader and other things we think we must do every day (okay, some of it we actually have to do) and then we’re left with almost no time to write.

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    1. And when you’re older, it just feels like time flies even when you’re not having fun. Haha. I must free up some time from somewhere… there must be. 😆 I will not cook again for this month. 😂

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  2. Love this! Esp. this line from your poem: “But golden leaves I should see/Did someone curse me?” – and your voice is always fun to hear. You’re Writing!!! #arewriting


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