My Walled City

I don’t normally re-blog my travel posts but I wrote (prepared) this yesterday so I have no writing to show on my musing blog. And, I have to write everyday. šŸ™‚

At least, the post has some thoughts… or questions. Did anything happen that made me I am more South African (Western-thinking) than Filipino? What happened? Granted, I have been living in Africa for more than half my life but… I must look at that.

The post also has the “I do” part from the “I think, I say, I do”: I golf and travel, and travel to golf (sometimes).

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Okay, it really isnā€™t mine but it is part of my heritage. I donā€™t even think I have truly and properly experienced the whole walled city ā€“ ever! I will correct this shortcoming next time I go ā€˜homeā€™.

(Itā€™s really not home anymore but itā€™s where Iā€™m originally from. I suppose it will always be referred to as such although I donā€™t think Iā€™d live there again. But, one can never truly know. Sometimes, the least expected or totally unplanned is what happens. There was a plan but that expired last year.)

I am referring to Intramuros, also called The Walled City, in the new Manila City. Why new Manila City? Well, Intramuros (translation: ā€œinside the wallsā€ or ā€œwithin the wallsā€) was the City of Manila during the Spanish era. Spain ruled the Philippines for over 300 years. (This gives an indication why my surname isā€¦

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