My Walled City

I don’t normally re-blog my travel posts but I wrote (prepared) this yesterday so I have no writing to show on my musing blog. And, I have to write everyday. 🙂

At least, the post has some thoughts… or questions. Did anything happen that made me I am more South African (Western-thinking) than Filipino? What happened? Granted, I have been living in Africa for more than half my life but… I must look at that.

The post also has the “I do” part from the “I think, I say, I do”: I golf and travel, and travel to golf (sometimes).

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Okay, it really isn’t mine but it is part of my heritage. I don’t even think I have truly and properly experienced the whole walled city – ever! I will correct this shortcoming next time I go ‘home’.

(It’s really not home anymore but it’s where I’m originally from. I suppose it will always be referred to as such although I don’t think I’d live there again. But, one can never truly know. Sometimes, the least expected or totally unplanned is what happens. There was a plan but that expired last year.)

I am referring to Intramuros, also called The Walled City, in the new Manila City. Why new Manila City? Well, Intramuros (translation: “inside the walls” or “within the walls”) was the City of Manila during the Spanish era. Spain ruled the Philippines for over 300 years. (This gives an indication why my surname is…

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