What it means to be Filipino

This post isn’t about Mikey Bustos although it may seem like it. I am sharing a few of his videos about what it means to be Filipino. I am not very good at being one at all.

Mikey is a famous Canadian-born (and bred) Filipino YouTuber. However, from what I read on Wiki, there’s more to him that his entertaining YouTube videos (like ones below). I did know that he first appeared on Canadian Idol as one of the Top 10 Finalists of the reality show’s first season but I didn’t know he was actually performing. He does have a wonderful voice and he sings well.

Mikey is a proud Filipino, judging from his videos, and I must really be embarrassed that I, who was born in the Philippines and lived there for the first 13 years and 8 months of my life and another 5 years later, don’t feel a strong Filipino connection. But, I do go to the Philippine Embassy in Pretoria once in a while and I even take my family with me.

Here is a fun way of looking at what it means to be a Filipino. Luckily, we are a happy-go-lucky bunch and we can make fun of ourselves. BUT, the Filipinos truly love being Filipinos…

So, the next video shows that Filipino love, in a more serious manner, for dear Philippines. Thanks for this video, Mikey. It reminds me that I can be a proud Filipino although I am more South African.

For more of Mikey’s videos, do go visit his YouTube Channel.


Mikey doesn’t really speak like on the first video. It’s our sense of humor. After all, he was born and grew up in Canada. He speaks as he does on the second video. And in case you haven’t heard me speak, I don’t speak like the first video either. Ha-ha! Some South Africans think I have an American accent but non-South Africans know I don’t speak like an American. I have a strange accent that can be described as confused and mixed up. 🙂

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