A girl’s best friends

Diamonds couldn’t be my best friends. I didn’t have the fortune to afford them and the men in my life were less fortunate so they couldn’t give me diamonds either. The lack of fortune still holds true. Luckily, I am not crazy about jewels. I’d take them if they are there for the taking but not having them doesn’t change my life.

Despite the lack, I am blessed beyond words because not only do I have many good friends but a number of them are definitely best friends. To have one best friend doesn’t make sense [to me] when I can have more. Sometimes, I wish I could hold a party just to get all of them in one place at one time, which is impossible because they don’t all live in one city. Some of my closest friends are from university years, my ‘barkadas’, and they live either in the Philippines or North America but I have other very good friends whom I met in the last 10 years. I sure hope none of them kill me for posting their pictures here. Fortunately, they do not read my blog. Ha-ha!

However, this post isn’t about these [best] friends. I don’t want to play favorites. I would be writing a book if I were writing about my girl friends. (Then I have to ask for permission.) And since I don’t have furry friends to show off (thus, I have my beautiful girl friends with me on the pictures above instead) and I don’t know when I’ll get a horse (a post for another time), my shoes are my best friends for now (and there’s no way I can have only one friend here, I mean pair. All my friends know this about me. And no, there is no Imelda Marcos influence here at all. I am no fan of her.

Shoes (2)

I spend time with these friends a few times a year. I love shoes so much that I used to post a ‘Shoe love affair’ image (collage) on Instagram once a day a couple of years ago. I am kidding. Actually, it was prompted by my mother’s comment that I had too many shoes but I didn’t even wear them because I was working from home. But I do love shoes a whole lot. I do spend time with them. (Pictures taken on the 1st of March 2017 when I last spent time with my shoes. They have appeared on Instagram previously.)

One might ask what I do with my shoes. Well, I dust them in case it’s not enough to keep them in boxes. Also, I love to try them on as I don’t get to wear all of them often. I do enjoy looking at them. 🙂

I do like shopping for shoes. Sometimes, even when I’m not out shopping for shoes, I buy a pretty pair if on sale.

Shoe shopping (2)

The love of shoes might be rubbing off on my little one already.

I don’t blog about my love or passion for shoes and fashion because I think I’m a bit old for it. Instead, I don’t mind being one of my friend’s personal shopper. I still take pictures first and I send them to her. We do end up having the same shoes, or at least similar. We have the same black sandals from Cotton On (above) and the only reason why she ended up with the red Aldo sandals instead of the coral I have (below) is the branch didn’t have mine in her size.

Here are these friends of mine:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What’s not to love, right? They even have names: Jimmy, Carmen, Steve, Aldo… And not unlike the fact that my circle of friends can form a United Nations, these friends also come from different countries. Jimmy is from London, Carmen is from Brazil, Steve is from America, and Aldo is from Canada.

But –

I wasn’t always like this though. There was this pair that I loved so much when I was younger. I think I finally managed to part with them but only after this bonding time although they had not been seen out for more than 10 years.

And –

I sometimes don’t know what to wear so I pick the most comfortable of them all.

Still –

Life is short

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    1. Thank you, Ronel. 🤗 I’m perfect for stories with shoes. *wink* I think “someone” should write a story about the shoes, or about the girl obsessed with the shoes, or both. 😄

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