Proudly South African despite #TaxiStrike

Today, despite the sum total of everything that has happened to me so far in South Africa, as a naturalized South African, currently ongoing taxi strike included, not forgetting how I feel about them, I realized that I am proud to be South African. It’s not something I express openly because I know that at any time, I can be told that I am a foreigner and I don’t belong here. I know that I can easily be told that South Africa is not my country. I am easily intimidated.

When I was younger, I wanted to be a public servant. I dreamed of becoming an ambassador, promoting friendly relations between my country and other countries. Then I thought I wanted to run for a government office to help the citizens of my country. I grew up. Apart from realizing that politicians and government officials are not the kind of people that I am, and accepting my limitations that I cannot change them by being me, I gave up on my dream. I decided that it was just too difficult. I cannot change the world. I can’t even change my mood sometimes.

Last week, I had a nervous breakdown partially because of my failure to handle the road nightmares I experience daily…

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7 thoughts on “Proudly South African despite #TaxiStrike

    1. Thanks a lot, Theresa. I think we’re just going slightly insane here. Haha. Or, the universe is conspiring to get my head spinning… at least, I have materials. 😃🤗💖

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