Survival strategy in 2000 that still works (maybe)

The year was 2000. The month was July. It hasn’t been one of my favorite months. Apart from the fact that it’s winter in the southern hemisphere, it really has not been great for me for a number of years in the past. Oh well, c’est la vie! Que sera sera

I have such a scant knowledge of life right now but I can honestly say that I am blessed.  So many times in the past, the simple truth stared at me but I mostly looked away or I flatly ignored it.  I had always thought that life was a serious struggle to survive.  I probably still think so.  I really don’t know what’s up with life.  I guess life is simply time on earth between birth and death.  There is nothing more to it.  I was given the gift of life and one day the gift will be taken away.

So, what is the purpose of life?  My life.  What is my purpose?  I racked my brain searching for some answers.  I definitely wanted to know my mission in life.  I was looking for a mind-blowing realization.  If I am to die now – after all, death is sure to come and it can come any time – what is the reason for my existence? 

Why am I here?

Perhaps I did not want to see my mission.  It seemed too plain and simple to be that main reason for existence.  However, it sounds rather logical.  I’ll churn it in my head for a little while…  One of my fears is being seen as stupid.

The pondering continues.

We are all going to die so what exactly matters?  What we have, where we are, is one huge universe.   Despite the chaos, we survive, together or separately.  I think that human beings – you and I – have the tendency to complicate our lives.  On the contrary, nature, especially if left alone, flourishes.  What is the trick then?

I can’t help but wonder if swimming with the flow is a great survival strategy.  Could it be that fighting the universe is a formula for frustration, exhaustion and eventually [untimely] death?  And what would I have accomplished?  Nothing much, maybe.

Life, as many of us have been told, is a gift.  My life right now is a present, whether or not it’s wrapped beautifully.  I intend to make the most of this gift.  I shall enjoy it, always.  Being grateful for what I have currently results to joy.  And for now, because I still have internal issues to resolve, my responsibility is to be myself.  I will do what pleases me and what makes me happy simply because I feel it is what’s right for me.  What a comforting thought!  If only for now…



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