11 thoughts on “Joy & Sadness

  1. I love that you posted this today. I was just talking with my therapist yesterday (we meet on Thursdays) about: “What do you do when you have feelings and emotions? People say, you should ‘process’ them, or they say you should ‘manage’ them, but what do you actually do with them?” I’ve been having some difficult feelings with a family member around grief and loss. Anyway, we talked about it, and the suggestion came up to try to “understand” the feelings – for instance, it helped when I wrote them out (hate, hate, hate this person! ha ha) and also when i talked to a supportive loved one about them. So, thank you for posting about emotions today, Anne! Take care. :>

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    1. It seems the two of us are more in sync with each than we think. ☺🤗 I’ve decided that there’s no point ignoring them or pretending they don’t exist. I’m acknowledging but I’m not letting it paralyze or stop me. It’s like the limiting beliefs we tackled at our Landmark Forum. I’m even zoning out a bit these days and that’s fine, too. I’m just happy I’m still writing… and yes, let’s write the emotions: hate, hate, hate. 😆 Then we can let go and move on until they come again and we repeat. Hopefully, when we keep acknowledging and letting go, the negative becomes less.
      Thank you always for sharing and for being there. Much love and hugs. 🤗💖

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    1. I think joy is always there. We just sometimes don’t realize. Thankfully, there are many wonderful people, including the loving WP community, who bring joy out of hiding. 🙂 Thank you so much! Hugs. xxx

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    It is one of those days…

    …those days when no matter how hard I focus on the bright side of life, and all the reasons to be grateful and happy are out on display to be recognized and appreciated, I cannot escape the hollowness in my heart. The void is… well, unavoidable. (Excuse the sound of lameness.) I want to be happy. I am expected to be happy. I know that I have more than what a huge chunk of the population have. But, it isn’t about what I have or what I lack. Others may not understand the restlessness brought about by that nagging feeling that there is more to life, but it is there!

    Surely, I was placed on earth for something more…

    If only it didn’t bother me… if only for today.


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