Cave of Secrets

This was my entry to Microcosms’ Contest on the 16th of June 2017. It’s my practice ground and I still do need a lot of practice but here’s what the judge said.

“We had 12 awesome entries this week!”

“This was a tough one. Lots of interesting responses to the prompts and a good deal of poetry, not only as the form of a good number of entries but also in the guise of poets trapped in caves and in the wonderful imagery many of you employed. It was a pleasure to judge the entries and, as ever, to witness the invention and wit of so many fellow writers. Keep it up!”

And this was the favorite line from my entry: “Maria Elena was not one of those asking.”



Character: Poet | Setting: Cave | Genre: Crime
(300 words)

Maria Elena wasn’t necessarily the better poet but she didn’t use her brain only for her art. She was shrewd and street smart. One of the two poets left to battle it out for the coveted ‘Poet of the Decade’, despite the stiff competition, she was more than confident that she would take home the crystal trophy and the huge prize money. She did not mind the prestige, too.

Victor believed he’s the best poet, and many would probably agree, but he didn’t trust Maria Elena. He thought she was too sexy and beautiful which could work for her especially with the three male judges. He wished he had special powers to ensure him victory but he thought that if anyone would have powers, it would be Maria Elena. He had entertained the thought that she could possibly be a witch.

The poets had a month to each write an epic poem. Maria Elena was in Israel. She was part of the small group of artists who kept the secret about a cave in Jerusalem where one could invoke the muses for only the majestic and the breathtakingly awe-inspiring creations.

Victor found out via the grapevine that his competitor was in the Middle East. He didn’t want to dismiss the idea of possible magic. If there was truth to it, he wanted some, too. He was unaware of the rules of the group and the cave.

Being that poet without a social life and family, it would only be a month later, when he didn’t show up with an epic poem, that the questions of his whereabouts arose. Maria Elena was not one of those asking. She was Poet of the Decade. Victor’s body, cut up in four pieces, had been dumped in different locations away from that Jerusalem cave.

© Anna Jailene Aguilar

Source: Cave of Secrets

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